The first one: what it’s all about.

Well, here it is: my first official post. If my nose wasn’t dripping snot and my throat wasn’t so raw, I could be more excited. The sneezing has been going on for days. The cough should arrive any second…

I have decided to start a blog. There is it. I laid it all out on the line.  Below are my wordy justifications.

I’ve had at least one person over the years tell me I was funny (Thanks, Amy Whitfield!) but they were probably just humoring me, though I do crack myself up from time to time. My mother claims I am a “good writer”, though I think the last thing she read that I wrote was my fourth grade report on dinosaurs. And I did minor in Journalism. Well, okay, technically, it was a Journalism/Photography combo minor because my college didn’t offer enough classes for either to stand alone as a full minor. I use to say I minored in Photography because that’s what fit my life at the time, when I was shooting engagement pics and weddings and senior photos. But for now, I’m claiming Journalism.

Blog. Blog. Say it slowly with me. B-l-o-g. It is almost a non-word. In fact, I’ve always HATED that word. (It’s been around so long.) WTF is a blog anyway? And now it has a verb tense – blogging. And a noun: I am a blogger. (Or at least I am pretending to be one.) So I guess I must come to love the word, though I know it is something I will struggle with the rest of my adult life. *sigh*

I did a little research into the word and found out this: It started out in ’97 as Web Log, which makes sense. It was smooshed together to form weblog and a couple of years later, another guy wrote we blog and it stuck. There now. I don’t hate it quite so much now, knowing there is some logic behind it. You can read all about it here in Wikipedia, the internet god of all information, that may or may not be accurate.

So what made me want to start writing a blog, you ask? Well… Every so often, (but way more often than you would think) I get these wild ideas like, “Let’s move to Alaska for the summer, work on the pipeline and live in a tent for 3 months” or “Why don’t I open a chocolaterie?” My loving and ever patient husband has to gently pull me back down to earth with simple, kind words like “Living in the woods in Alaska maybe fun, but we have a 1-year-old son.” Oh yeah, our son… Or “Do you know how to make candy?” I get bored “in life” easily. Until the job I have now, I never stayed at once place longer than a year. Until this house (not that I love it that much), I never lived anywhere longer than 2 years. Until my marriage, I was never with anyone longer than a year or two, which my husbands sees as a blessing.  I am also a dreamer, which is not exactly a cosmic pairing with “bored”.  Let me give you some examples…

Recently, I watched Whip It and afterward I was dead set on joining the roller derby, which I still want to do, by the way. Pride and Prejudice came my way in high school for the first time and I was determined to start speaking, cooking, dancing, dressing like Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. But I still don’t know what a pianoforte is. I read a magazine article about a 24-year-old woman who wrote her first novel and ended up on the best seller list. So I wrote a book. (It still sits in my back bedroom, needing another edit.) Can you guess what made me want to open a Chocolaterie? I’ll give you a hint: The thought of a Gypsy Johnny Depp type dropping by for hot chocolate didn’t hurt.

I got one of these wild ideas yesterday. “Why don’t I start a blog?” I like to write. I like in internet. I like sitting on the couch. What could go wrong? Really, there is no risk in it. With Alaska, I guess we could have been eating by wolves and in the chocolate shop I guess I could have ruined us financially. But a blog seems pretty harmless. It will certainly be easier to do than convince my husband to move to Manhattan into a 120 square foot studio with our 4 cats, 3 dogs, 55 gallon fish tank, oh, and toddler. (And really, who doesn’t want to live in Manhattan after watching Sex and the City or one of the millions of movies based there?) With a blog, the only thing at risk is my time and my readers’ sanity. (God bless you, future readers).

My first step was finding a place to park my blog. I chose Like it so far. I signed up and was quickly immersed in words I didn’t understand, like widget, sticky post, dashboard, and Log in/Log out. After viewing the wonderful tutorials WordPress offers, and some minor googling (don’t you just love that googling is a word?! It’s like blog!), I am now well versed in all most some things BLOG. So I picked a theme, entered the vast world of header images, and forged my way through the millions of choices and made a page. Then I played with widgets. (Does that sound dirty to anyone else?)

Now I need a topic. It took me about 30 seconds to come up with 10 topics, but only one I thought would be interesting to write about. My Blog title sums it up best, that’s why I chose it: Two Week Trial. I figure I’ll do something new for two weeks and write about it. I immediately came up with about 15 ideas for two-week trials. Some exciting: sleeping outside, finally joining the roller derby, having “naked” week and some not so exciting: reviewing my past roommates, scrapbooking, potty training (please God, only let that take two weeks).

Every two weeks, I’ll pick something to do and do it, every day, for two weeks, blogging about it every step of the way. On the first day of each two weeks (the 1st and the 16th), I’ll set it up: what I am doing, the ground rules, etc. I thought about “30 day trial”, but when I considered sleeping outside in Texas in the middle of August for a stinking month, I decided two weeks was a much better idea. Plus, it will let me do more things so neither of us gets bored.

First trial – Weight Watchers! Please hear the sarcasm dripping off of that exclamation point and splatting on a puddle on the ground. I have 5 extra baby pounds to lose a year and a half after birthing my little one. My sister does Weight Watchers whenever she needs to drop a few. My darling husband has graciously decided to eat (or rather, NOT eat) by my side and do WW with me. (I have actually already started WW and I have been journaling all days so I will cram a few days together so I can finish this trial by the 15th.) So tomorrow – Day one of weight watchers!

Let me leave you with just this one word: BLOG.  *shudder*

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8 Responses to The first one: what it’s all about.

  1. Jim says:

    This is going to be awesome

  2. Jamie says:

    I cannot wait until the two week trial of sleeping outside!!!! I am sure that Jordan is excited about the “naked” 2 weeks 😉

  3. Every day I read this ‘blog’ I literally break out into laughter multiple times. I love the idea and your humor is great.

    I did great journalism things in highschool. My blog has the occasional ‘epic’ post.. but alas….

  4. Wendy says:

    haha. Thanks for the encouraging words! They are much appreciated.

  5. Larry says:

    Hmmm, interesting premise. Very witty. So, you have two weeks to try something new….and get those two weeks to strategize your next endeavor….probably should be glad you didn’t pick eating tillapia everyday for two weeks. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
    WW reminds me of a book (Journal) I read by two guys who canoed to Hudson Bay in the 50’s. By the end of the book everything was about food because what they had packed had spoiled and they were subsisting primarily on wild berries………………………….

    • Wendy says:

      Maybe I’ll canoe and live off berries for the next two weeks. 🙂 And yes, I am glad I am not eating fish for two weeks. That wold just be boring for everyone.

  6. GoVolsGo says:

    Woo Hoo – a shout out to me!!!! 🙂
    you are funny…VERY funny…I love laughing out loud week after week

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