Cake Balls and Casseroles

So I found this today: Cake Balls. Apparently, you bake a cake, then crumble it up and mix it with icing. Form balls and then dip those in more icing. You can then coat it with whatever yummy goodness your little heart desires. Sprinkles? Sure. Crushed Oreo bits? Yes, please. Nuts? Yum. Wait, balls covered with nuts? There is a “that’s what she said” in there somewhere… How am I supposed to know that beautiful, sweet, moist Cake Balls exist in this world and stick to my “life-style change?”

After a night of thinking this whole “20 points” this just HAS to be wrong, I found a website that calculated 23 points for me. I called my sister. We compared notes, weights, points, and decided I should shoot for 21.

I soldier on with another so called “sensible” breakfast. I had another toasted English muffin, this time foregoing the chocolate and just adding peanut butter. I still had the glass of milk though. It is just impossible to eat something so thick and creamy and not drink milk. I ate a banana, too. Not because I was still hungry but because bananas are good for you and I was on such a roll of “eating healthy”. I looked up the points later. I was thinking a banana would be a half a point, or maybe free! But alas, it was 1.5 points. So by giving up my chocolate and eating a banana, I saved a whole half a point. Whooptie do dah. And totally not worth it.

I once read that you are supposed to drink a glass of water before each meal, to help you feel fuller. So I have been guzzling the clear stuff like my 108 lb dog Brutus does when he comes in from a “forced” walk. Slobbering everywhere, half passed out on the floor from too much cardio and ferociously licking the air near the water bowl. I have been peeing more than I did when I was pregnant. Speaking of pregnant, how many extra points would that get me?

I have a random leftovers for lunch. Just because I am on WW doesn’t mean I have to let perfectly good leftovers ruin. I am starving when I get home, have another pickle or six and then make a pita sandwich for supper. I come in at 22 points and go to bed almost completely ravenous. Not quite 21 points, but better, I feel. I also walk on the treadmill a bit while catching up on episodes of Chelsea Lately. I sure do wish she and Dave Salmoni would date. They’d be cute together. Chelsea, Dave, the pride of lions…

Lesson learned: Don’t eat, then look at points, even if it is something you deem “healthy”. (I should have learned this lesson yesterday. But I got it now.)

We went to visit my parents today. My mom read my blog while I was there. I kept watching her face for signs of enjoyment. I must have fallen short of laughter. One chuckle only. Though I did get a plethora of questions from her:

“Who’s Jenna?” A friend at work, Mom.

“I did to figure out how to subscribe!” Congratulations, Mom.

“177 words a minute? Really?” No, I lied, Mom.

“How many WW points would I get?” I dunno, Mom.

“Don’t you remember eating English Muffins when you were a kid?” No, Mom. I remember casseroles.

“Marcel the Shell is so funny!” That’s why I  put it on my blog, Mom.

“What do …?” I can’t hear you, Mom! I’ve left the room!

Bonus lesson learned: many.

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5 Responses to Cake Balls and Casseroles

  1. Judy says:

    So who’s your mom? She sounds extremely smart & computer savvy! She must also be a great cook! I love casseroles! I need to get her recipes. It’s also amazing to me how much about your childhood you can’t remember.

  2. I’m gunna make some cake balls right now!! And I don’t think I could ever do WW cause I could not give up all the chocolate I eat haha

  3. GoVolsGo says:

    How many WW points would a cakeball be? Hmmmm, just a thought. I bet it’s at least 22 points, you could have one cake ball, no milk and then you are done for the day. 😦

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