You will pay; eating chocolate for breakfast.

First of all, a big shout out to my new best friend, Jenna, my first subscriber! Thanks! (I’m just glad it was someone other than my loving mother. That would have been great, but a little embarrassing. This also leads me to believe she hasn’t figured out how to subscribe yet.)

Second, I ran across a site today called TypeRacer. You type a provided paragraph and it tells you how many words per minute hunt and peck. You can race against others and there is a sort of winner’s board on the homepage. It’s like PacMan, but with typing. I was gung ho about it for all of 12 seconds. I got through the first paragraph relatively timely, with a whopping 57 words per minute. Silly me, I thought I could do better than that, so I tried again! I mean, the top winner right now is at 177! The more I did it, the more frustrated I got. By my third “practice race”, I was pounding the keyboard, yelling at the annoying red letters on the screen, and typing an angry 38 words per minute. If you type too many words without going back and fixing it, a big pop up message flashes in your face telling you you’re stupid. Basically. I saw it a lot. So after about 2 minutes of that, I’d had enough. On to …

Day one of Weight Watchers:

The hubby and I sat last night by the laptop, figuring out how many “points” (roughly 50 calories per point) we each get, based on our sex, weight, other factors. We got to calculating. He’s a man – 8 points. I’m a woman – 2 points. Wait, what? Throw a brief temper tantrum over his extra 6 points. Moving on… He is 25, he gets 4 points. My age will remain untyped but I get 3 points. He gets 23 more because he weighs 230-something and I get 14 points for being 144. (Yes, I’ll tell you my weight before my age.) We each get 1 point for our height, both of us being very average. He gets 2 more points for having a job where he sits, walks, or stands all day, and I, sitting on my duff all day with only occasional excursions from my office, get 0 points. Fine.

Totals are: Hubby: 8+4+23+1+2= 38 points.       Me: 2+3+14+1+0=20

Insert another temper tantrum here. He gets almost DOUBLE the points I get! Who can I take this too? The head of weight watchers? Jenny Craig? I briefly consider nursing my 17 month old again just for the extra 10-12 points. I eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles before bed, my evening comfort food, savoring every bite, knowing I will be parted with my dear friend for some time starting tomorrow.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, I feel like I can really tackle this Weight Watchers thing. I weigh in at 144. Target: 135ish. I decided to start the day off sensibly with the first one of a pack of Whole Wheat English Muffins that I purchased the day before (2 points). I am new to English Muffins. I had my first one last year sometime. I’ve always heard about these “nooks and crannies” but never tasted them. They are quite yummy. Normally, I would slatter on tons of jam and butter, letting the muffin get moist and buttery and sweet, but today is a new day and butter is the enemy of Weight Watchers! I can’t eat it dry so I opt for peanut butter. Wow. 2 points for 1 tablespoon. I spread it on and it starts to melt. I scrutinize my bread. It doesn’t seem like enough. What goes with peanut butter? Dark Chocolate Almond spread. 2 more points. The creamy, thick, chocolatey spread screams yummy goodness as I smear it on the muffin. I press the two halves together and take a bite. My mouth/throat/stomach/brain screams for milk, so I diligently measure out one cup of fat free cow juice. 2 points. So my very sensible breakfast has turned into 8 points, almost half of my alloted points for the day. Not good, I think, but it could be worse.

Take a break from reading about my riveting day to watch Marcel the Shell:

For lunch I finish off some leftovers from the night before, made when we weren’t doing weight watchers. I had cooked these cheesy beef roll-ups things that are 8 points each. And then I ate three. They are really small, so I also brought a salad from home. I add dressing from the salad bar at work and decide to throw an egg on there. Eggs can’t be too bad, right? After scarfing my tiny roll and licking the salad dressing out of the bowl, I check the points of an egg. 2. Two! That means it is 11:45 a.m. and I have 2 points left for the rest of the day. Not good. I blame the chocolate and peanut butter I had for breakfast and make a mental note not to do THAT again.

I get home from work and frantically call my sister, my own personal weight watchers expert. “What can I eat for 2 points?” I yell into the receiver. She suggests cabbage and onions (gas, anyone?), broccoli or green beans. What a supper. After some time spend at DWLZ researching points, I make a veggie stir fry with chili sauce and soy sauce for 1 point. It’s not terrible, but cold really use some chicken and rice. I wash my plate (ok, I really left it in the sink for my husband to wash), and pat myself on the back for a day of points well spent. I celebrate with 3 tiny cheese cubes for my last point.

Lesson learned: Don’t spend all your points on breakfast.

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5 Responses to You will pay; eating chocolate for breakfast.

  1. great celebration, I love cheese cubes.

    “It’s like PacMan, but with typing.”…..wha?! awesome

  2. i’ll be your second subscriber since this made me laugh out loud remembering my first week on weight watchers 😀

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