She put Reese Peanut Butter Cups in it.

For some reason, my internet flakes out on me at night… sorry for the delay in posting.

Day 4: Day 4 was my first day to blow it. And I did it intentionally. I knew we were going to hang out with some friends that night, who just happen to be EXCELLENT cooks,  so I ate skimpy all day. I had most of my points left by the time we arrived at Stanley and Megan’s. I practically ran to the door, dragging my toddler by the arm after me. I haven’t been that excited in awhile. I was driven by my hunger as I banged on the door, wiped the foam from the corners of my mouth and tore my way inside, my nose leading me to the kitchen.

Dinner wasn’t ready yet (argh!) so we all sat outside having a beer (not me, of course – not wasting my points there) while Stanley grilled the burgers. Megan was frying a delicious concoction of peppers, onions and jalapeños.  And fries!. My 17 month old was busy pulling mint and basil out of their garden and cramming whole leaves in his mouth. (The kid loves fresh herbs, but won’t touch Mac and Cheese! What’s wrong with him?) Watching all of our kids run around and play kept me sufficiently distracted and I managed to make it until almost 8 p.m. without chewing my hand off. Dinner was ready!

I made a burger with a wheat bun (3 points) loaded with spinach, a handful of fries, a small amount of veggies, and some orza salad mix Eryka brought. Before I remembered that Megan had told me McAllister’s tea was 600 calories PER GLASS, I had pour myself a tall one. I couldn’t dump it out, so I drank it. And enjoyed every minute of it.

I felt I had done pretty good up until this point, except for that tea… I was feeling proud, controlled, and committed. And then the brownies came. I ate two. Then, out of nowhere, like manna from heaven, a glorious pan of banana bread, still warm from the oven, appeared on the crowded counter. Justifying a taste test before I gave it to my toddler, I had a bite.

O-M-G. She put Reeses Peanut Butter cups in it. God bless Eryka. I had many, many more bites. And asked for the recipe. It was, HANDS DOWN, the best banana bread I have EVER had. Sorry, Mom.

So I ended up blowing it more than I thought I would. And this morning I weighed 1.5 more than I did yesterday. And that was BEFORE I ate dinner. I think my body knew what I would be eating later and made up for it when I weighed this morning. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.

Lesson learned: Sometimes it’s okay to blow it. Just maybe not as bad as I did tonight.

~                     ~                    ~                     ~                       ~                           ~                       ~

Day 5:

I did well today, came in at 21 points even.

About 8 p.m., just when the nighttime munchies set in, we decided to watch a movie. It seemed harmless enough, scrolling through Netflix on the Wii, searching for a good one. Jordan offered to watch Julie and Julia, something he considers a chick flick (shock me!). I hit play.

Five minutes into it, I regretted the decision. They are chopping vegetables, baking tarts, frying chicken, making a Chocolate Soufflé… What was I to do!? A bowl of cereal, at the very least (!), was calling my name. Luckily, I got into the story and forgot about being hungry. I really liked the movie and looked up Julie Powell’s book on Amazon. I saw she had a second book out, and I read the review. I wish I hadn’t. I’ll put it this way, Amy Adams was way to sweet to play her in a movie. And I didn’t want the book anymore. I got so disgusted at the contrast of real life versus movie, that I turned of the laptop and went to bed.

Then I started reading her blog the next day.

Lesson learned: Don’t watch, think, or smell food late at night.

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7 Responses to She put Reese Peanut Butter Cups in it.

  1. Jane says:

    This reminded me of something that I heard a while back. A woman (she is a tv presenter here) was doing weight watchers and she knew she was going out that night so didn’t eat all day so she could save all her points for alcohol. Of course she ended up so drunk that she fell down the stairs and broke her leg. lol.

  2. Wendy says:

    That’s great!
    I can’t go not eating all day. I’d whither away and die by noon. I bet it only took a couple drinks on an empty stomach to do her in!

  3. Jane says:

    by the way that banana bread looks so good – we don’t get reese chocolate here

  4. Jane says:

    oh wow – thanks but funnily enough my sister lives in the US and is home for a visit as we speak and she bought some Reese for my daughter to try. Cadbury is the main chocolate brand here

  5. Jane says:

    but I’d still like the recipe 🙂

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