A Healthy Serving of Man Meat

What’s the deal with people cutting me off in traffic today?

On the way to work, a car pulled out in front of me and two others cars. We all had to slam on our brakes to avoid a 4 car pileup. If he would have just waited, it would have been clear. But noooo. He likes to live dangerously. He then proceeded to weave in and out of traffic, and swerved in front of me because my lane was going faster. I finally get around him, because in the end, his lane ended up being the fastest, I turned to glance at the driver. (Ok, to glare at him and contemplate which finger I wanted to show him.) It was an old guy… with a pipe! Ok, I understand people may smoke a pipe at night, with a glass of Brandy or whatever, but at 7 a.m. on your morning commute? I don’t get it.

THEN, I get behind a car going 40 in a 55. When the lane finally allows passing, the car speeds up. I absolutely HATE people that do that. But I can’t exactly say that I have never done it.

And on the way home, a blue truck swerved in front of me, almost clipping my front end, because he saw my lane was going to be faster. Then, while cars were slowing down to stop at a light, a woman decided it was a good idea to pull out into oncoming traffic and turn left. She is into the first lane, (I am in the second) I hit the brakes, am lucky the guy behind me stops, I motion “WTH?” and she waves me forward. OHHH. Thank you for letting me drive in my lane! How courteous! Whatever. At least I got a rockin’ parking spot today. Didn’t even have to fight for it.

Day 6:

Today, I discovered fish. My dad is a butcher so he gets me good deals on meat. I got 6 Tilapia fillets, which are 2.5 points each. This means I can eat high points items with it, like the Mac and Cheese I have been dying for and Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes. (Don’t get too excited; they are out of a box.) So I cook three meals for the next 3-4 days, all today. Broiled Tilapia with Mango Salsa, Breaded Oven-Fried Tilapia, and Lemon Baked Tilapia.

The one was ate tonight was the Breaded Oven-Fried. Not terrible, but definitely not great. You just can “fry” something in the oven and expect great things. It was dry, but I squirted some lemon juice on it. But I did get to eat some Annie’s Mac and Cheese, which I made with yogurt instead of milk. It was interesting, tangy. A cup of the cheesy stuff is more than you would think, but still not really enough. It is an actual REAL serving size. Imagine that. Once again, my kiddo scarfed the broccoli down and made a disgusted face when I tried to get even one tiny shell of Mac and Cheese past his tight little lips.

We also went shopping today and we got lots of wheat things. Wheat pitas, wheat English Muffins, wheat wraps, wheat bread with DHA blah blah blah. As we choose between the Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns or Honey Glazed white ones, Jordan says, “We aren’t ever going to eat good things again, are we?”

We got the wheat ones.

Tomorrow night will be Lemon Baked Tilapia with Mashed Potatoes and green beans. After that, Mango Tilapia with Salad and bread with avocado. I am actually excited.

Lesson learned: Tilapia with 2.5 points! Eat fish!

On the nights my husband works, I get a Netflix movie I know he won’t want to see. Usually a chic flick, maybe something foreign or independant. This week, I got Leap Year. My critic review follows:

I always love a good chick flick, but this one was a little too predictable, even for me. It follows the same story line of so many others before it: High class girl thinks she is in love with high class boy, girl meets an buffoon of another boy (who just happens to be a hot Irishman this time) who shakes things up. I could have written this movie line for line.

When her boyfriend doesn’t propose to her and she thinks he should have, she decides to go to Ireland (where he is for a conference) and propose to him using this “leap day tradition” in which a woman can propose to a man. She has a ridiculous time getting to Dublin. Her plane is grounded because of thunderstorms, she hires the “new love interest” to drive her there and his car ends up in a lake, she rolls down a hill and gets covered in mud, and (of course!) misses her train. Blah, blah, blah.

Fill the next hour and a half with things that would never happen to one person, especially not in the same 3 day period, and you get this movie. The girl and new boy get stranded at a B&B that only likes married couples, so surpise! they must pretend to be married. On top of that, the B&B owners start a kissing demonstration and insist their guest follow suit. Shocker. Then they are forced to share a twin bed, with emotions running high after the kiss, stolen glances, breath caught in their throats.

The Irish hunk tells her what I can only assume is a romantic story about a boy and a girl and a castle, because I can’t understand a word he says with that accent, but that’s okay. He is good-looking enough to overcome my criticisms. I thought about rewinding it, but the remote was just out of reach and I figured it probably didn’t matter too much. Turns out I was right. Or maybe it did pertain to the story and I just don’t know it because I missed it.

In the end, her boyfriend finally asks her to marry him, she agrees, still looking over her shoulder for the new guy. She realizes her mistake while pondering a previous conversation she had with the Irishman. Mmm hmmm. She goes to Ireland, tells him her feelings and they get engaged.

Followed chick flicks to a T. If I had more energy, I could name 50 more that have this same pattern. The only thing that didn’t happed was where she accidentally falls on top of him for whatever reason and they share a heated, breathy 5 seconds, staring deep into each others eyes, while realizing they are looking at their soulmate.

It was fine, entertaining, clearly not an Oscar winner. Though, I did enjoy gazing at a hot Irishman for an hour and a half. I know who will star in my fantasies tonight, alongside the requisite Christian Bale, of course. Now that at least 20 points of Man Meat.

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2 Responses to A Healthy Serving of Man Meat

  1. GoVolsGo says:

    Ahhh, chick flicks…ya gotta love them. 😉 As for never eating “good food” again I sure hope that is not the case…what will you find for under 22 points at Currents when I take you to lunch next month?? or is our lunch “off” due to WW. Boooooooo

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