Sunshine Cleaning

Day 9:

I did it today. Ate my alloted points and nothing more. And I wasn’t hungry all day. I am getting the hang of this. 2-4 point breakfast, and either a “good” lunch (or supper) and then a “cheap” supper (or lunch).

I made an EXCELLENT supper. I got this recipe online for Ranch Turkey Burgers. Since I have made several WW recipes that haven’t exactly been graded with an “A” (or even a C-) by my family, I was skeptical of this one too. But it proved me wrong. The garlic and green onions are great mixed right in there with the turkey and that one little ranch dressing packet works wonders. It looked just like the picture to. I made some pita chips to go with it with dried parsley and rosemary from my garden.

Even the kiddo liked it, once I crammed a bite in his mouth and made him taste it. He never wants to try new things, but if I can just get it past his lips, he likes it 90% of the time. Jordan and I were discussing today how he won’t eat pizza or mac and cheese, but he will tear up broccoli, peas and brussel spouts. At least he eats healthy. His favorite snack is dried berries and nuts. He’s a gatherer, not a hunter, much to his father’s meat-eating dismay.

Lesson learned: Don’t judge a Ranch Turkey Burger by its Weight Watchers cover.

We have company coming over tomorrow to watch some kind of a sporting event. Probably football, since that is what is on now. I know sports comes in “seasons”. Just as I think the never-ending string of baseballs games blasting from my TV will come to an end, the football starts. Pre-Season (what ever that means) and then the “real” season. If I look up now, I see a white and orange team playing a yellow and brown team. One of them is winning. That is the extend of my football knowledge. Jordan is the only one in this house that gives a flying flip about sports. He periodically tries to get me interested, but he always fails. I’d rather read. Or peel potatoes. Or chew my toenails off.So when I tell you the company is coming over tomorrow, you surely know what we did today. We did what everyone does before friends, in-laws or cleaning crews arrive: WE CLEANED. We cleaned like we haven’t cleaned since, well, last time we had company over. I dusted, scrubbed the floors and vacuumed the pet hair off the couches. In our couch I found: two makeup brushes, an “I Love NY” magnet, 6 puzzle pieces, a tampon and a battery. All things that belong in a couch, clearly. At least that’s what my son thinks. But how did he get a tampon?

Jordan cleaned the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom, and scrubbed  the little milk and juice dots our toddler strategically dribbles all over the carpet. (He may be making a trail so he can find his way to the kitchen from his bedroom, but we haven’t completed that study yet. I may suggest breadcrumbs; easier to vacuum up.) When our company arrives, we will, like every one else, pretend our house is always this spotless, but insist “the house is such a wreck” while meaninglessly fluffing pillows and straightening the books on the coffee table.

Tomorrow will also bring another test of my will: we are serving steak and chicken fajitas with all the trimmings, chips, salsa, guacamole, and I am making some kind of last minute dessert, at the last minute, no doubt. I am too tired from all the cleaning to make anything today. All we are going to do tonight it attempt to watch The Losers again. Jordan had fallen asleep on the couch next to me last night before I even finishing typing my post.

Wish me luck, with the movie and the upcoming meal.

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