Losers watching Losers

Day 10:

I apologize for my incredible boring post tonight. I had planned on writing a really long one, since Jordan and co. are yelling at the TV, telling the football players what to do. But I have spent the past hour and a half trying to find software on our computer that isn’t there anymore, but is, but isn’t. We did a system restore or recovery or something and I deleted all the HP files I thought I didn’t need, but apparently I did. My Roxio is gone, though I can see it in the program files, my Window Media Player won’t play DVDs, and I am so frustrated I may do this. So I am about to do yet another system restore and attempt to not screw it up more.

Today was “Eat what I want day”. I ate all of those little things that don’t make a meal but that I have been missing. I had pear cobbler with chocolate soy milk for breakfast (4 points), a pita sandwich at lunch (4 pionts), Hannah gave me an egg (for 2 points) ice cream from with my boss (for 3 points), cracker and cheese (2 points) fruits pebbles (3 points – though my toddler kept mooching bites off of me. I wanted to take off a point for what he ate), and a salad with Light Three Cheese Ranch Dressing (3 points). 21 points total. My day rocked. I am really getting the hang of this. “They” always say, everything in moderation! I guess it is true. You want ice cream. Fine. Have a couple scoops, just not a huge bowl. Have once slice of cheese instead of the whole block. Eat one Oreo and not the whole package.

Lesson learned: Everything in moderation.

Well, we managed to watch The Losers last night without falling sleep. Then we stayed up until 1:30 a.m. watching a Sept 11 tribute/documentary. I really liked “The Losers”. A couple pretty faces to look at, some shoot ’em up action, minimal romance. I give it a B+ for great fun and entertainment.

Because I am shorting you on my funniness, I promise to be extra funny tomorrow and I will leave you with this.

Wish me luck on my system restore…

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