I don’t even like macaroni salad.

Day 11:

Let’s jump right into how I screwed up my WW day.

I had 3 point oatmeal for breakfast. I bought some Quaker True Delights Wild Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal. Now, I’m not sure where they are picking these “wild” blueberries to turn into oatmeal, but they are pretty good. Jordan got a Hazelnut Latte one. (Is it weird that you can buy oatmeal on ebay???) I haven’t tried it yet, because I don’t like coffee, and I am afraid I won’t like it but will be forced to eat it because I don’t want to waste it.

We have a rule at work that if something is in the frig without your name on it, and it is “past its expiration” (4 days unlabeled), then it is fair game. Our boss recently mandated a weekly cleaning, so sometimes on Monday’s I rummage around in there for a bottled drink that’s been sitting in there awhile. Yup folks, it’s me stealing your unlabeled drinks. Sue me. I usually get a water, but today there wasn’t any (guess I drank them all) so I got a Sprite. After careful consideration, looking all over for any sign it was claimed, I popped the top. I had sort of enjoyed (I don’t really care for sodas, but I was thirsty and too lazy to walk to the barfeteria for a water) half of it before I realized I had to count it. 3 points! Okay, calm down, still do-able, up to 6 now.

I was starving by 10 a.m.. My fancy wild blueberry whatever-I-ate-this-morning/did-I-even-eat-breakfast(?!) didn’t hold me over longer than an hour and a half. Then I remember Nichole’s truffle. I had faintly heard it calling my name from inside my desk drawer earlier in the morning, but was able to block it out, because the oatmeal was still tricking me into thinking I was full. Blinded by hunger, I greedily grabbed the truffle, tore off the wrapper and popped it in my mouth, being sure to savor every little morsel of chocolate it had to offer. Then I looked up the points. 2 points. 7 points total. Still okay. I’ll have a light supper.

I brought a feta and spinach stuffed steak for lunch and planned on getting a small salad to go with it. This would have been 7.5 points, leaving 6ish for the rest of the day. Perfect. Then I arrived in the cafeteria. Notice I didn’t call it “barfeteria” this time. That is because when you are starving and your stomach is starting to eat itself in order to survive, you will graciously eat anything put in front of you and LOVE IT. This is what the cafe put in front of me: made to order Quesadillas from The Grill, a tamale bar with sides, sirloin steak, and TONS of desserts that learned how to shout my name, probably from that cursed truffle.

My will power held. I breezed by the steak, held my breath walking past The Grill, and steered clear of the tamale bar with refried beans covered in melted cheese and Mexican rice and oh! those tamales! I closed my eyes, grabbed a bowl and head to the pasta bar. Standing in front of the wilted, boring iceberg lettuce, I sneakily eyeballed the rest of the bar. They had that pepperoni, broccoli noodley stuff I love. Ooo! And macaroni salad. (I have to mention here that I don’t even like macaroni salad, but I told you what happens when I get that hungry: I’ll eat anything in front of me. Don’t judge. You would too. Hannah agrees.)

My somewhat reasonable point-age for the day was blown out of the water by the “safe” salad bar. I got a big ole bowl of creamy pastas. At least it had broccoli in it – 0 points!

When I got home, I was in no mood to cook dinner so I told Jordan to bring home something, maybe a frozen pizza since he was going to Wal-Mart anyway. I figured I already blew it, might as well make a great day out of it! I let him pick. Bacon Cheese-Burger. And it wasn’t frozen. It was one of those fresh ones you bake yourself. YUM! But don’t worry; I added some fresh veggies – tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms. While it was baking and filling my house with that heavenly scent, I added up the points. One slice was 8 points.

I had three. And an ice cream sandwich. I’ve lost count of points by now, but I do know that I ate enough at supper to span an entire day.

And it all started with a stolen Sprite. See what I get for my thievery? FAT.

Lesson learned: Take my perfectly proportioned lunch and RUN, don’t walk, through the cafeteria. No browsing!

Day 12:

Today my breakfast was another English muffin with PB and chocolate for 6 points. Lunch was one very lonely slice of pizza for what I considered 6 points, since it was small and I didn’t eat the crust. I discovered these crackers call WASA. They are fibery and oaty and good for you and taste a little like cardboard, but they kind of grow on you. I do not recommend eating them without something on top. I’ve been spread a Laughing Cow French Onion Cheese wedge on them for a total of two points. That Laughing Cow stuff ain’t messin’ around. It’s delicious. And a filling 2 point snack.

I made a 7 point Lasagna for supper. It was a crock pot recipe and I didn’t realize until I was 2/3 of the way done layering it in the pot that the crock pot wasn’t big enough. An addition layer of turkey, sauce and veggies lay unclaimed in the pan on the stove. After throwing a small hissy fit, I was able to add the last layer after 30 minutes or so, after it had cooked down a little. Jordan ate it, though it had Ricotta cheese in it. I didn’t tell him, but I think he knew it anyway. What else could it be? Cottage cheese? He hates that too.

I then volunteered Jordan to make Pear Muffins, a recipe I got online, for us to eat for breakfast in the morning. David from work has been bringing in tons of pears from his pear tree. I figured I’d take advantage. (I also baked 6, count them – SIX cobblers to take into work today, two for each shift.) I took the kiddo outside to sweat  play to give Jordan room to bake. (He used to make a KILLER apple pie from scratch, back when we were “young and in love” and that stuff seemed fun. Now we just buy apple pie, if that.)

Thirty minutes later and drenched in sweat (It’s in the 90’s and very humid here), we came back in and the house was filled with that wonderful cinnamon/sugar baking smell. He made a ginger glaze to put on top. They were so tempting that I ate one and went about 1 point over. Oh, well. I figured I did so terrible the day before, that anything less than 50 points today would be an improvement. Here is a pic of his muffins:

Lesson learned: Some WW desserts don’t totally suck. So that’s cool.

Jordan plays softball on our church’s league. Games started up again tonight, so I am currently husbandless. Sounds likes a good night to fall asleep in bed reading. I think I’ll go pick out a new book from my collection of “books I fully intend on reading one day”. They take up almost a whole room. The last book I read was The Eyre Affair a friend lent me. It was just “okay”. Sorry Glynda, I know you love the author and his books. He was just a little pompousy for me, inventing all those stupid names and places and whatnot. Silly Brit. I love classic British Literature and really love spin-offs too, but sometimes the originals are best left alone.


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One Response to I don’t even like macaroni salad.

  1. Judy says:

    I hope there is a pear muffin left on Wed. night when I get there! It is only a little over 3 months until Christmas & not to early to began scoring brownie points for good presents!

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