Good-bye Weight Watchers and 7 pounds.

Day 14: The end

I sat down to write my blog at 8 p.m. An hour and a half later, while I am still distracted by, (mainly, this. There are not words to express how f-ing excited I am. I’ll leave it at that.) my mom arrives to chat. It is now 2 hours later and all I have to show for my computer time is a new TV show on a channel I don’t even get (Thank you Ra-Ian!) and some blouses from Old Navy added to my Christmas list. Oh, and diapers from And an updated Netflix list. And a new “beach trash” book on my wish list, as Glynda would call it. And current showtimes (3:35) for Resident Evil for tomorrow. And maybe a revived crush on Matt Damon. But I digress.

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It was very serendipitous that Eryka sent me her Banana Bread recipe tonight, this being the last day of my Weight Watchers trial and all. By popular demand, here it is:

Banana nut bread

1 1/2 c sugar
1 stick butter
2 eggs
1 1/2c flour
4T half and half
1t baking soda
1 t salt
1 c nuts ( i used 1/2c reese’s peanut butter things and 1/2c chocolate chips)
1c mashed banana (about 3)
1t mexican vanilla ( i usually let it over flow a bit)

Cream sugar and butter; add eggs, then put in bananas. Add soda, milk, and other ingredients, mixing alternately with flour and nuts. Bake at 325 degrees in floured and greased loaf pan for about one hour. (I use small loaf pans. It may be mental but i think it helps with making them moist. It also helps cook faster)
There’s an icing to the bread that I’ve never made but I’ll give it to you in case you ever want to use it
1c brown sugar
1c sugar
1c cream
1/4c butter
1t vanilla

Cook icing ingredients until it forms a soft ball when dropped in cold water. Ice bread when fully cooled.

A note from Eryka: “It super simple and its easy to whip up when you weren’t expecting company. I always keep ripe bananas in the freezer.” Doesn’t she sound so wonderfully together? Jealous!

So there it is. Doesn’t exactly sounds Weight Watcher-y, does it? Butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate…

So today, my last day of my two week trial of Weight Watchers, I ate a lot of junk, but stayed within my 21ish point limit. Among the things I ate today: a truffle (of course!), a leftover pear muffin, leftover supper from last night for lunch, a Country Time Lemonade I have been eyeballing in my frig for a couple weeks, and chips with Southwestern dip for supper. Not exactly nutritious, but it doesn’t matter as far as WW points are concerned.

Let us reflect back on our time spent together these last two weeks:

I weighed 144 lbs two weeks ago. I weigh 137 now, so I got rid of those last few baby pounds plus a couple extra. Goal met!

My clothes fit looser over my stomach and I have to suck in a little less to get my gut where I want it to be. Belts bought!

I started off stupidly wasting points with 6-8 point breakfasts and now I smartly eat 2-4 points in the a.m. Yeah for pear muffins!

I learned that one “cheap” meal a day makes that other meal so much better. I can even eat mac and cheese! Go Sandwich Rounds and spinach!

I’ve learned how to spot those really horrible WW recipes before I waste my time and ingredients and my marriage. Boo Stuffed French Toast!

My meager travels into the Weight Watchers world had taught me to eat smarter, read labels, and choose wisely. Sure, I can eat those greasy potato chips and be hungry again in thirty minutes, or I can eat a some whole grain Goldfish (if I can pry them away from my son) and stay fuller longer. Salads and sandwiches are my new best friends, and though Fruity Pebbles and I aren’t as close as we used to be, we still hang out from time to time.

In the end, I learned a lot about food choices and how to eat, not just what to eat. I think I will continue doing some lessened form of Weight Watchers, not to loose weight but to maintain it. I hope I don’t go back to eating until I am stuffed, and I stop when I am just “not hungry”. And I don’t plan on gorging on 6 truffles in one sitting, but I know that day will come. And I will succumb. A girl with chocolate in her hand is only so strong.

So fairwell, Weight Watchers. You’ve been both a welcome and unwelcome partner these last two weeks and I hope I won’t be seeing your ugly point system again too soon in the near future. After all, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, and one I am willing to accept, for about two weeks, that is.

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  1. Evgenia says:

    Great excperience! 🙂

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