I’m not a Romosexual, but I do love garden gnomes.

Day 2:

I just picked my teams. I spend an hour researching cute QB’s, merchandise, mascots and team colors. I now even know a few football players names. 15 games play tomorrow and 1 is on Monday. Thankful, they can’t all be broadcast on TV at the same time, so I’ll only be forced to watch a few. We will get the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, since we live in Texas. Here are my picks and Jordan’s too:

Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans: First off, I have no idea what a Steelers is and don’t care to find out. And they are black and yellow. Not a good color combo. Though the Titan’s have a gay flame following their logo, I chose them because I’ve always been into Greek Mythology and their “T” is a sword. That’s just awesome. And they have a cool dog bowl. Jordan picked Titans as well.

Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnatti Bengals: I went with the Bengals because as much as I love ravens (my favorite bird), Baltimore managed to gay them up. Their logo is dumb. A blueish-purpleish raven? Plus, I love the fact that the Bengals’ have two brothers on their team. And they are both Quarterbacks. How cool is that? And they have this rockin’ gnome. Jordan picked Baltimore.

Philadelphia Eagles and Detriot Lions: This one was easy. I am very anti-Michael Vick. He is a disgrace to the human race. Read about his lovely dogs at my favorite animal charity, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary here. Jordan chose the Eagles. Why am I still married to him? GO LIONS!Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons: This one was tough. Atlanta¬†definitely has a cooler mascot and better looking merchandise, but the Cardinals have Derek Anderson. And he’s pretty dern cute. So the Cardinals win. Jordan picks Arizona. He has no need for cute boys.

Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings: Though Miami has a cute QB, Viking are way cooler than dolphins, (though I love those cute and cuddly porpoises) and one of their colors is purple. That’s exciting. Adrian Peterson also plays on their team. We are from the same hometown. Jordan votes Vikings too.Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns: Easy. Browns make me think about poop and the Chiefs have a cute QB. Just look at those gorgeous eyes! Jordan says Kansas City.Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Carolina Panthers: The Panthers were my mascot in high school, so I am predisposed to want to choose them. BUT buccaneers are like pirates and that makes me think about Johnny Depp. So Tampa Bay it is! Jordan says Carolina.

Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers: Seeing how I don’t know what a Bill or a Packer is, I based this decision on who had the cuter QB and Green Bay has two: Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers. Though the Bills have Trent Edwards, they have a stupid logo. Jordan – Packers.Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears: Jordan is upset because I think Jay Cutler is cuter than Tony Romo. He “pushawed” me. He is a self-professed Romosexual. I’m not sure what that all entails, but it does make me a little nervous. Plus, bears are cooler, all of their QB’s are cute, and I’m not all that into westerns, so despite living in Texas, the Cowboys are out. Jordan will always choose the Cowboys.Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks: Both are awesome cities, both have cool mascots, but I had to go with the Broncos cause their QB’s are cuter. But Brady Quinn is by far the hottest. Jordan picks Seahawks.

St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders: Thought St. Louis has a hottie QB, Oakland’s mascot is a pirate, in a helmet (?). And they have cooler colors and mascot and I love Indiana Jones. Plus, these are cool: (Jordan picks Raiders.)Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers: This one was easy, too. The Chargers have a stupid logo. What is a charger anyway? We are talking batteries here? Jordan’s got the Chargers. Figures.

New England Patriots and NY Jets: I picked the Patriots because New England seems like a cool place to visit and I liked The Patriot. I also don’t understand how a plane can be a mascot, But whatever. Jordan smartly picks the Patriots, too.

Houston Texans and Washington Redskins: Houston. I’m Texan, and since I didn’t pick the Cowboys, I have to pick the Texans, or else my husband may disown me. Then who would do all my dirty dishes? Jordan’s also got Texans.NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning was pretty funny on SNL and I like his commercials, so I pick the Colts. I do find it interesting that he is playing his brother on the Giants. Wonder who the folks root for… Jordan says Colts.New Orlean Saints and San Francisco 49ers: I picked the Saints because it makes me think of The Boondock Saints, which I absolutely LOVE. And they are two hotties that can’t be messed with. Jordan chose the Saints.

Well, the games start tomorrow. Wish me, my hot QB’s, my colors, and my movies good luck!

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3 Responses to I’m not a Romosexual, but I do love garden gnomes.

  1. Lisa says:

    I kinda have to go with Jordan on the Cowboys game, just cause I have a lot of dedication to that Texas team. Not the Houston Texans so much cause their too new. But I will agree with you about Green Bay. Having known Matt Flynn all through school, I can tell you from a personal standpoint that not only is he very good looking, but he is a great person, and unlike most QBs he isn’t the stereotypical cocky dummy.

  2. kramit0131 says:

    That’s a creative way to pick; less of a headache than my analytical way, and probably similar results!

  3. Wendy says:

    Well, so far I am doing better than my husband! I am one point ahead right now! Woohoo!

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