Did you know football is on ALL DAY today?!

Day 3:

On the way to church this morning, we were all one big happy family, riding in the car. The tot was chillin’ in his car seat, staring out the window. I was playing with my new bangs in the mirror, making sure they weren’t sticking out weird. Jordan is lost in thought; I soon learned, about Fantasy Football. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. It was only 9:10 a.m.

“Crap.” He said. I looked up, expecting a red traffic light or car wreck blocking our path. No, no. He didn’t “put someone in” on the fantasy team that he wanted to. The game started at 12. We had to be home before that to get this player in. Church got out at 10:45.

Someone stood around talking about Fantasy Football until 5 after 11 while I chased the kid around. I asked if we had time to run by Target because they have these new dinosaurs in the Dollar Spot that roar and I wanted to get Riley one. (Thanks, Nicole!) I had to DIG to find even one and then I noticed a lot of the “dollar” items were now a quater! So I had to stock up on stuff. I got scrapbooking paper, mini books, window decal of farm animals, a dinosaur book, sidewalk chalk and 4 dinosaurs that roar. (Which Riley (I’ll start using his name) is afraid of but won’t let out of his sight. Go figure. They are kind of loud.) It was 11:18 when we I got back in the car. We ran to Brookshires for Riley’s milk and got home at 11:48. Jordan peeled into the driveway and ran to the door, leaving us in the car. At least he grabbed the milk. We walked up to the house, following in his dust tracks, branches on the trees still rippling from his wake.

The computer screen was messed up (it gets bumped and you have to restart) so we restarted the PC. By the time it booted up it was 11:54. He then informed me it has to be done at 11:55, if that player plays at 12. If I had know that I was working with five minutes less than I thought I was, I wouldn’t have searched high and low for that last dinosaur!

Anyway, he didn’t get the player in before the game started. Now he is grumpy. He even accused me of having ulterior motives when I told him he could finish off the pear cobbler. “Is this cause you screwed my Fantasy Football team today?” He was, of course, joking, but I did take the pear cobbler away. It was yummy. And within my points. Ha.

In between my typing, we are now watching the FantasyCast board. On the left, it shows all of the games being played right now and how the teams are doing. On the right, it shows your players and whoever it is in your FF league that you are “playing” against this week. All of the players are listed. The ones that are “dulled” out aren’t playing right now. The ones that are normal looking are playing right now. The ones that are highlighted represent that their team has the ball. It shows total points for your team, and who scored those points. It is constantly updating, which is why Jordan has a need to sit thisclose to the laptop and keeps kicking me off. Right now, we are losing against Patrick’s team, 13 to 26. But the day is still young and there are many, many innings quarters to go.

I’ll finish writing this tonight, when I have all of the game’s final scores. Right now, I am being booted off the laptop. Fantasy Football calls.

I’m back. I have been graciously allowed to use the laptop.

We are thinking about trying to trade Stanley some players. (Speak of the devil – the phone just rang and it is Stanley.) I’ll keep you updated. As if anyone here really cares.

I find it exhausting to cheer for the team with your player on it because he is getting you point, but then want that same team to suck it up when it is someone else’s player is racking up the points. It’s confusing. “Go Arizona! Oh wait, what? We don’t want them to score now? Boo Arizona!”

Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans: Steelers won. Nobody’s point.

Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnatti Bengals: Bengals won. My point.

Philadelphia Eagles and Detriot Lions: Eagles won. Boo. His point.

Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons: Falcons won. His point.

Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings: Dolphins won. Nobody’s point.

Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns: Chiefs won. Both of us get points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers: Buccaneers. My point.

Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers: Packers won. Both get points.

Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears: Bears win. My point. (I got “if looks could kill” glares when I cheered when the Bears scored. I calmly sat back down and closed my mouth. He sulked.)

Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks: Broncos win. My point.

St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders: Raiders won. Both get points.

Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers: Chargers won. His point.

New England Patriots and NY Jets: NY won. No points.

Houston Texans and Washington Redskins: Texans won. Both get points.

NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts: I’ll have to update tomorrow. I don’t plan on being up that late.

New Orlean Saints and San Francisco 49ers: Same thing here.

I came out with 7 points and Jordan has 8. Not to shabby on my part, knowing NOTHING at all about baseball, whoops, I mean football. 😉 Let’s hope I can keep it up. I’d love a “night off”.

As far as Fantasy Football goes, our players have scored us 75 points and Patrick’s scored 59, but there are still a couple games left. Jordan feels pretty good about it though. Turns out I didn’t “screw his Fantasy Football team today” So run and tell THAT!!

Wow. I can’t believe how boring that post was. I barely survived writing it. I am sorry, dear reader, that you are forced to endure football with me.

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2 Responses to Did you know football is on ALL DAY today?!

  1. Larry says:

    One of your most exciting post! Isn’t it great pro foot ball is also on monday and thursdays??? Of course college ball is on Saturdays as well.

  2. Wendy says:

    And if football isn’t on, surely baseball or basketball or croquet of SOMETHING is on!

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