Football game or Star Wars?

Day 4:

I can honestly say I went the entire day without thinking about football once, Fantasy or otherwise. My husband, on the other hand, woke up spouting scores, came home talking trades, and will go to bed cursing/praising players.

The last game played last night was NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts: Colts won. Both get points.

New Orlean Saints and San Francisco 49ers: Play tonight.

That gives us both another points each. I have 8 and Jordan has 9. I think we both picked the Saints, so it doesn’t really matter who wins that one.

As far as the Fantasy part of football goes, we are trying to trade Stanley our backup QB Ben Rothleswhatever, who Jordan drafted with the intent of trading him later in mind (he is suspended right now, but comes back in a few weeks) and our Receiver Calvin Johnson for one of his Running Backs and one of his Receivers. This trade would be advantageous to both, beyond reasons my headachey head can comprehend right now. I asked why we wanted to trade and I got a five minute, wait, still going, ten minute explanation, but no matter how hard I try to listen, my brain still clicks off at the mention of football.

We don’t have any FF players in the game tonight, leaving us with 84 points for the week and our opponent has 59 with one player playing tonight, a guy on the Saints. So it looks fairly good for us. It will make our team 2-0 and I understand that is good.

All this football talk makes my head tired. Jordan is off to play softball, an actual real game of softball and I am going to put the kiddo to bed early and finish Star Wars (A New Hope). I’ve seen it a million times but the music with the story rolling up the screen gives me chills every time. I love a good inter-galactic war.

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