Trading and trading again.

Day 5:

We have decided to throw in another player in the trade we are attempting to set up with Stanley, Thomas Jones, a running back. We are waiting to hear back.

We are also working on one with Ben. Our Tight End and 2 Receivers for one of his Running Backs and Receivers. Ben has too many running backs and has decided to take a chance on our RB, who has been doing pretty crappy, I hear. It will be a done deal after tonight, if nothing else happens.

Jordan felt he needed to stay up until midnight last night (when the day was technically over) to pick up some extra players “because it was on his mind.” Couldn’t wait until in the morning, nooooo. He picked a few guys but has to wait until 2 a.m. on Wednesday (tonight, sort of) to see if he is allowed to have those guys, if no one else “in the waiver order” picked them first. I don’t even want to bother explaining what that is. It’s not very interesting and I had a long day.

The game last night between the Saints and 49ers, I was told, was a good one. My friend James (who gave me a Raspberry truffle today – yum!) approached me, spouting all kinds of football nonsense, assuming I care since I am blogging about it. It did sound like a good game though. The Saints were winning and the 49ers needed to score one goal/touchdown/basket/whatever and a two-point conversion (I do know what that is – you run the ball in instead of kicking it for the extra point) to tie the game. And they got it.But upon kickoff, the Saints got the ball and ran it all the way back down for a touchdown. (I think – like with my husband, I started tuning out the football talk after a second or two.) So for football fans, it seemed like a good time.

So our scores with the 32-game betting is me Р9, Jordan Р10. Not too shabby, not too shabby. If I can gain a point or two one him, the night of freedom will be mine!!!! Dinner will be served to me, my kitchen will be spotless, my Cosmopolitan will be shaken, not stirred and my aching feet will be rubbed. The world is mine!  Muhahahaha!

I hope everyone watched Hawaii-Five-O last night, with the lip-smacking yummy good Alex O’Loughlin. We are watching Raising Hope tonight. With a fresh baby ourselves, it looks to be pretty funny.

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