Titans, Bengals, Texans, and lightning bugs.

Day 6 and 7:

Stanley is waiting to see how his next week goes before he gets into any “trade talks” with us and Ben backed out at the last minute, so we are back where we started. So there’s that…

I decided to get a jump on my picks, so I don’t have to do them all Saturday night. I can really win this thing, being only 1 point behind but I’ve got to get serious and stop picking teams based on who has the hottest QuarterBack ( Denver Broncos – Brady Quinn; no contest). Here is a pic, in case you forgot his gorgeousness from my past post: So I’ve developed a new fool-proof, fact based way of picking my teams. I wrote down my list of criteria and then started at the top. Here we go with the first few:

Tennessee Titans vs New York Giants: Fact – The Titans have the longest name. So sure, why not pick them?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: – Fact – Tampa Bay is closer to where I live at just over 1044 miles. Pittsburgh is a couple hundred farther.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers: Mascot size determined this one. A Bengal will weigh in at an average of 440 lbs and can be 10 feet long. Panthers only get to about half that size. Trust me, I used to work with big cats. And no, I don’t mean my 17 pounder, Gollum. Acutal CATS.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Orioles: I picked this one based on crime rate. Cleveland has the lowest rate , so they win. Guess who has the highest: The Big Apple. Go figure. Half the world’s population lives there. (The other half lives in China.)

Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans: Chosen by vowels. The Texans have the most (5), so I picked them. Though I do like that there are two A’s in Dallas and two O’s in Cowboys, and they are evenly spaced. Nice.

On another note, I tried to catch lightning bugs in a jar tonight for Riley. It’s not all its cracked up to be. Who actually came up with this idea anyway, and did they actually do it? After chasing the little buggers for 15 minutes, I got one. ONE. And the little turd never once lit up in the jar. I gave up, opened the lid, he flies off and lights his stupid little butt up not five inches from my jar.

We moved on to frogs, well, toads. Trust me, I used to work with them. 😉  They were hopping everywhere. I caught three, feel in the grass and bruise my knee, got peed on twice and Riley was kind of scared of them.

Riley wanted to go see the horse across the street, but he was already put up for the night, so that was a no go.

And no matter how much I lather him in bug spray, he always gets at least one mosquito bite. This time, he got a HUGE one beside his right eye. They swell up really big on him. Poor baby.

So our outside play time today was clearly a complete success.

I stayed up late to watch a movie last night because I am a Netflix Nazi and I had to send it back today or we wouldn’t get one in time to watch this weekend. It was the dumbest, more boring and pointless movie I have watched in a looooong time. I would have rather watched football.

It was called Motherhood. It had Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards. I read about it in one of my parenting magazines, which I will now be canceling my subscription to… It was an hour and a half on nothing. I had no care for any of the characters, there wasn’t really a point, and I never once even slightly laughed, cried, or felt ANYTHING other than boredom. I would have rather been watching football. I KNOW! It was that bad.

But once I start something I have to finish it. (With the exception of Moby Dick. I know, I know, so sue me.) So I stayed up way past my bedtime (ok, it was only 11:15pm, but still) to finish it. It is about a frazzled, burnt out mom trying to plan her daughter’s birthday party and write an article to submit to a magazine contest. She also blogs.

You would think I would have felt a kindred connection with her, being a sometimes frazzled, burnt out mom, a blogger, and a person that just so happens to be writing an article for a magazine contest (due Friday, wish me luck). But alas, I couldn’t have cared less if she got the party goody bags made or the article written, both of which she did, in a very boring fashion.

Lesson learned. Next time, I’ll just resort to watching football. Or watching paint peel off of my walls.

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2 Responses to Titans, Bengals, Texans, and lightning bugs.

  1. Judy says:

    There is nothing wrong in picking teams by cutest QB. When I was 14 or 15, I went to Ruidoso, NM with some friends. We went to the horse races & their dad let us pick on the races. Not being old enough he placed the bets for us. We of course watched as they warmed up & made our choices by cutest jockey. I even remember the one we picked the most – Jerry Nicodemus. He was a blond & of course being a jockey was short. But, hey so were we. We bet on 12 races- had 9 – 1st places, 2 – 2nd places, & lost one that came in 4th. Only the 1st 3 win money. Her dad began to bet on some we picked after 3 or 4 races. He was pretty disgusted when he learned our method. He had spent hours study the race form & stats & won more with our picks than his own!
    I used to catch lightning bugs as a kid all the time in GA. We put them in jars & used them as night lights when we went to bed. I think we caught some for you & Jamie when ya’ll were little.

  2. Larry says:

    Catching lightening bugs is cool! Too bad there is not as many around here as in other parts of the country…..makes it alot harder to get enough to fill a jar. And of course one lonely depressed bug won’t light up by his(her?) poor self, but with freedom comes celebration!….and LIGHT! (kinda like when Jesus sets us free, heh?)

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