Oh yeah, there is football today!

Day 10:

I just realized I have to finish my picks, in oh, 20 minutes. So here we go:

Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints: The oldest team is who I picked. The Falcons joined the NFL in 1965 and the Saints in 1966.Jordan pick Falcons.

Washington Redskins vs St Louis Rams: The Redskins are the 2nd most valuable team in the NFL according to this site. (The Cowboys are number one.) Jordan says “skins”.

Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars: I went with the coolest cheerleader outfits so I picked the Jaguars. The Eagles just look like they are wearing sports bras and underwear. Oh, and they have Michael Vick. So nada. Jordan says Eagles.

Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals: I was going to pick the team on the left half of the United States, but they both are. So I’ll just go with the one on the fat left, the Raiders. Jordan chooses Raiders.

San Diego Chargers and Seattle Seahawks: Best Mascot Costume: So NOT the Chargers. This dude really creeps me out. The bird is kinda cute. Jordan picks Chargers and their stupid Boltman.

Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos: I went with the most experiences QB, which turns out to Peyton Manning. Jordan likes Peyton as well.

NY Jets and Miami Dolphins: I just heard a commentator picks the Jets as their “upset”, so sure, why not. Dolphins for Jordan.

That’s it for today!

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