The Book of Football.

Day “who cares, (it’s football)”:

For tonight’s game with Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, I pick Packers because they are listed first and I am too tired to come up with anything cool. Jordan picks them too. I am sure the game has already started, it being 8:30 and all, but I haven’t had the TV on at all, so this still counts.

Bummer though – after yesterday’s games I am down 17 to 21. There is no way I can win with 1 game left. Not to bad of a loss for having absolutely no knowledge of the teams playing, I feel! But Jordan hasn’t read my blog (and he never asked) so he doesn’t know what the bet was, heh heh heh. I’ll just tell him it was dinner… I’d do that anyway.

As far as Fantasy Football goes, our team has 97 points right now and our opponent’s team has 86. We have a kicker still playing tonight and the other guy has a QB and a RB playing. Jordan says unless the Bears (maybe…? I forgot to listen again!) do really bad we probably won’t win it. So go Packers!

We are working on some trades and I asked the details (mistake) and I got a bunch of names and positions. I must have had a look of defeat on my face because he said “it doesn’t matter,” kissed me on the forehead and darted out the door to his softball game.

We did watch The Book of Eli last night without falling asleep on the couch first. We both knew “the secret” but neither one of us wanted to tell the other because we wanted it to be a surprise. I am sure it is a much different movie having watched it and NOT known. But alas, we knew. And we still don’t believe. I did like it though, I think. Some of it makes me feel weird; it was awfully graphic sometimes. But I did like the sweet little old couple living in the middle of nowhere, eating trespassers… gulp.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Larry. Hope the leg is feelin’ better! I am sure we all miss you. 😉

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2 Responses to The Book of Football.

  1. Larry says:

    Like the cartoon! I saw the “Book of Eli” at the theater and then at the end, thought; “wait a minute, is what I think I just saw what I think I just saw”…. so I waited until it came out on DVD, and I rented it and watched all the movements, the head turns, the eyes, the gestures…….hmmm, still inconclusive. At least too me. Maybe I need to read an official notice on the film to make sure.

    Oh, and Peyton Manning is easy to spell. That’s why I picked him for my fantasy team!

  2. Wendy says:

    We both knew going into it. I totally don’t believe it. I think the writer decided at the last minute… “let’s throw that in!” But I liked it anyway. I love “end of the world” movies.

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