Trades! Finally!

Day 12:

Jordan would be proud. Last night I had every intention of pulling up the Fantasy Football scoreboard whatever thing, but I got distracted with Freshly Pressed again. So maybe he wouldn’t be proud, but it is the thought that counts, right? I read “Why Twilight makes me want to quit my job’ or something like that. Man, that woman got some posts! Some of them were AN-GRY. Geez. I’m glad all my readers are nice… at least in type, anyway.

If I had watched that scoreboard, I would have known that Jordan’s team beat Ben’s team by one lil’ ole point. 102 to 101. He got home late last night from softball and I remember being woken up by his light in the bathroom. He saw me stirring, took that as an invitation to speak, and started spouting out play by plays for the whole Fantasy Football evening. All I remembered this morning was that he had won by 1 point. And that he made a lot of ruckus taking a shower.

So he finally got the trade with Ben and Stanley almost finalized, so maybe I can quit hearing about it now. I had him write down who he traded, though I can’t tell you anything about any of their positions – I think one is a QB. I have names like Tony, Malcolm, and Donald scribbled on the paper next to me. And I think he even spelled Ben Rothlesswhatever’s name right, something I, the past straight A student, can’t even do. It must be a jock thing.

I think my poor hubby is the only one excited about this two week trial. I just know he thinks I may be opening up to his in-depth world of football, that I am seeing the light and will now be interested in Monday Night Football, and Pre-Season SomethingOrOther and the World Series… wait, there I go mixing in baseball again. I really do wish I cared about sports because I know it means a lot to him. But they really just bore me, which is probably one of the reasons my blog had been sucking lately. The only time I have really been interested in anything sports related was in the Home Run Derby last year (?) when Josh Hamilton hit like a million home runs. His story is something I can be interested in and his career is one I can get on board with. I sort of watched a couple Rangers games after that when he was up to bat, but my interest quickly faded and I went back to surfing the net or read a book.

Also, our final score stands at 17 to 21. The Bears won last night and we both picked the Packers.

Well, it’s “read in bed night” (something Jordan just can’t get interested in, even if he is reading about sports) and he is trying to turn it into “catch up on new TV shows night”, so we’ll see what happens.

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