Thursday Night Lights

Well here it is, the last day of Fantasy Football. I liked this trial because I had less to write about. I disliked this trial because I had less to write about. It’s a Catch-22. And while we’re here, I think only people that have read the book deserve to say Catch-22. Same goes for “Big Brother”. People don’t realize the full weight of those words unless they have been scared to death by 1984. I was nervous and paranoid for months after I read that book. *shudder* Moving on…

Let’s reflect back together. What have I learned from my two week trial of non-stop football?

First, I  know what a Running Back does now. He is the guy in the back that hopes to catch the ball and make a goal touchdown. Most of them are fast black dudes that could outrun a lion, if the need arises. Oh, and MAN can they catch!

Second, though arbitrarily choosing teams based on their state’s crime rate or best cheerleading outfits, which is more fun than actually researching what team could win, isn’t the best way to win a bet. But I came close. Only 4 points off. Guess I’ll be making a gourmet meal tomorrow night. (Spaghetti it is! ha.) And unless Jordan actually reads my blog, I assume I will get off light on our bet.

Third, my husband rocks at Fantasy Football! His trades both went through today and he is 3-0, one of two of the ten of them that are undefeated. Go Jordan! All those ESPN magazines finally might pay off. As well as the pie charts, bar graphs, and color coding he did before the draft. And he calls me the nerd. You don’t see me out waving a pink highlighter around a magazine or book! Oh wait… nevermind…

Though I still don’t really care for football, at least I can understand one of the things my husband is s passionate about. I know how the game works, because he is endlessly rewinding plays for me to see and coaching me on what they did wrong or right. I get the need to compete (provided I will always win, and in MY house, I do) and to share that camaraderie with my peers and fellow football fans (of which I know few). I also get having a beer *barf* while watching a game with your homies.

What I don’t get is the incessant need for 24 hours of football a day, 7 days a week. If it isn’t Sunday or Monday, never fear! Surely there is a college game on, or an old game on the Football Classics or whatever-it-is-called channel. Why on EARTH would I want to watch a game from 2001? And if you can’t find any to watch, just flip it on over to ESPN where they will be commentating about the last fews days or games and making predictions about the ones coming up. AND, if on the off chance ESPN is showing baseball highlights instead, I can just zip on over to the internet and watch The League, my football-driven husband’s favorite new show about, you guess it (!), guys playing Fantasy Football.How can they make a whole season’s show out of this, you may ask?

Beats me, I barely made a two week blog.

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