Does anyone actually read magazines anymore?

I sat waiting on an eye doctor appointment today, pouring squinting over a copy of Football for Dummies, contact-less, my nose not more than three inches away from my book. It was sent to me today by an avid reader of my blog, a football junkie and one of my favorite fans. I told my husband “a fan” sent it to me and he was really impressed. He thinks my blog is more popular than I am. You are out there, reader, aren’t you?

In my new Sunday game companion, there is a whole chapter dedicated to Fantasy Football; how to pick teams, trade, play well. There are also cute little cartoon men acting out umpire symbols (there I go again, I mean referees… don’t I?) and easy to understand details about how the game works. I read the first 20 or so pages waiting for my name to be called and I actually enjoyed it!

Five minutes ago, I was dead set on what my next trial was going to be. Jordan asked what it was and he basically told me I was crazy. At least that is was I inferred from his words because he said “you’re crazy.” And I’m pretty perceptive.

So I’ve decided to go with something a little more tame and less taxing on my body/soul/brain/emotions/health. But I will save that one for later…

I have a stack of magazines almost two feet high sitting next to my couch, no lie. I always have the best of intentions when they arrive in the mail. The cover will have some gorgeously placed meal or shiny new accessories, or kids playing in the fall leaves dressed as witches or Batman. My artsy brains craves the articles on kids and texting or new fall fashions or family game night. But I just never quite get around to it. Next to my bed is a magazine I started two weeks ago. What page am I on? Somewhere around 15.

I have three subscriptions, on accident. I have subscribed to Real Simple for years, a year of Parenting came free with a purchase and Parents came free for a year when I bought a boppy. Family Circle (Circus?) came free with one of the parenting ones above and my mom is always giving me her People’s, a magazine she stopped subscribing to years ago because it was filled with Britney’s and Lindsey’s and Paris’s. She cancelled it on principal (I was SO proud) but keeps redeeming free two week trial offers they send her in the mail.

So I thought I would try to get this rack cleaned out. My goal is to read a magazine a day (more impossible than it sounds with a full time job, husband, church and toddler) for two weeks. I will report back on celebrity trash, yummy meals, parenting tips, design ideas and those new fall fashions I pretend to be interested in.

I know what you are thinking (“how boring”), but I promise it will be anything but. I’ll make you laugh… wait and see.

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5 Responses to Does anyone actually read magazines anymore?

  1. Judy says:

    It’s a 6 week free trial offer of People not 2. I do it for 2 reasons. 1 there are a few things in them I still like to read- mostly the stories on real people. But the biggest reason is – I think I’m somehow getting back at them for the stupid stuff they write about by making them waste their money sending me free mags & bills. Although I just thought… I’m causing more trees to be killed for the paper they use. I may have to rethink this practice.

  2. The only magazine I’ve ever had a subscription to was when my mom got me a subscription to Highlights haha. That was the greatest magazine ever, I know you’ll make the magazine two week trial a hit. I’m still reading, I don’t always comment but I’ll definitely continue to read. And reading this always makes me laugh, good job 😉

  3. Wendy says:

    I never had a Highlights Subscription but I always read them at doctor’s offices. I still do the hide and seek thing if I see it. When I was little I had Ranger Rick. Yea, I was a nerd.

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