What’s your birth order?

Magazine two: Parents October 2010.

I am actually reading some current issues lately, not because I am caught up, but because when they come in the mail I stack them on top of the older ones. I bet I have some 2008’s down there. I’ll start digging in a day or two. I like to look at the seasonal ones when in season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Last Christmas I read a Real Simple from 2007. It was still relevant, for the most part.

So while my husband slaves away in the kitchen, baking a Pineapple Upside Down Cake (because he is DYING for a sweet dessert.  Yes, he is so desperate that he has resorted to cooking something, poor thing) I am kicked back with my feet on the coffee table, reading a magazine about Halloween costumes, myths doctors believe and grocery-list makeovers. Sounds exciting, right? Well, IT IS! I never get time to prop my feet up and read a magazine unless it is well beyond dark, Jordan is at work, Riley is asleep, the pets are fed, the blog is written and the planets are aligned just right.

I skip over the article about what instrument your kid should play, since Riley is still trying to master a whistle and move on to an article about birth order. I am firstborn and my sister is second/lastborn. It says first borns generally get more education than their siblings, make more money and score higher on IQ tests. They never cut themselves slack and fear failure. They can be inflexible and not want to step out of their planned comfort zones. This is not AT ALL me. It is much more my sister. I don’t know about the IQ tests (but I think I win, of course) but she definitely makes more money than me (about twice as much) and she didn’t necessarily get more education than me, but she is at least using her degree. She is a sonographer with several fancy certifications and I am a Biology (Zoology) major buying medicine/products for a hospital pharmacy. She is a tad high strung (sorry Jamie), likes things done her way (but who doesn’t?) and always strives to be more and do more.

On the other hand, the youngest sibling may not be as “good” in whatever capacity, as the firstborn, so they come up with other ways to win attention. (I am very sarcastic and always have my sister and sibling rolling at family gatherings). They may be free-spirited (me), more open to unconventional ideas (sooo me) and take bigger physical risks, like playing soccer or football while their sibling plays track or tennis. I’m not saying anything, but my sister was really great at tennis and I did play soccer when I was in the 3rd grade. “Youngest are known for feeling that ‘nothing I do is important’,” says my mag. That is very me also. A lot of the work I have done in the past could be left in the hands of a highly trained monkey. And Curious George would probably do a better job. It also says, lastborns may use their position to manipulate others to get their way. I do this everyday with my husband, but don’t tell him that. Don’t feel bad for him. All of us women do it. He even tried to do it to me every once in awhile. But I am too smart for that!

These birth order insights just lead to further proof that my sister is, in fact, the older sibling and I am really 3 years younger than I think I am. I can live with that. I try to convince her of this every birthday. Long live the 20’s! Someone tell my sister she is approaching 30!

Little tidbits:

Chroniclebooks.com sells these little stickers/notes to put on your kid’s lunches. There are enough for the whole school year. Even though Riley won’t be truckin’ off to school for another 3-4 years, I want to buy them a save them for later. But in 3-4 years, school lunches may be reduced to a single “meal pill” not requiring a brown paper sack, so I don’t want to waste my $10.

You can buy cute little fondant toppers to make yourself look like a pro from Charynn Olsheki on Etsy.com. No more gooey, sticky, oily fingers from making your own! (You payin’ attention, Jamie?) Check them out here.

Next up: Family Circle. I’m off to eat some cake. So long, Weight Watchers!

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2 Responses to What’s your birth order?

  1. This is totally crazy cause I have always thought about this, cause my little sis’ ,even though she is eleven years younger than I, is smarter than I was at her age and is good at no matter what she does. Now she is playing the same instrument I did in band… it was the only thing I had on her, now she’ll beat me at that too. sucks, good thing I’m good looking I wouldn’t have much going for me 😉
    I am THE manipulator… seriously.

    another good blog my friend *thumbs up*

    • Wendy says:

      You played the flute, didn’t you? 😉

      My YOUNGER sister: graduated first, got a real job first, got married first, bought a house first, had a kid first, had a second kid first…
      But I told her I can always DIE first! muhahaha!

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