Learn here about Nu-Val!

I am on page 67 in Family Circle before an actual article begins. The first 66 pages were 90% ads with 10% tiny article tidbitlets, as I call them. If I see one more ad for birth control or laundry detergent or GNC, I will just throw the whole thing out and join a gym.

I didn’t actually subscribe to this magazine. It came with another one, like “buy this mag for $5 a year because the internet is running us out of business and we will chunk in this other crappy magazine to go with it! What a bargain! You will LOVE all the ads!” Uh no. But it did come free, so I guess I got what I *paid* for.

There are huge chunky necklace every other page. Apparently, that is the new hot thing to do. Pile a TON of pearls on so you can’t tell you are even wearing a shirt or choose a necklace so big that that V-neck now looks like a turtleneck. Here are some pictures:

No thanks.

I did tear out a few recipes, including the yummy pepperoni pizza on the front cover and one for Smores Bars. You make a graham cracker crust with a chocolate middle and pour melted marshmellows on top. What can be better than that?

The most interesting article (and one of the few actually in the magazine, hidden in there amongst the plethora of ads) was about NuVal rankings. Have you seen these? Over 750 supermarkets in the US are incorporating this system in their stores. It ranks every product in the store, giving it a value from 1-100. It does this my evaluating a number of items: 1) The “good” stuff: Fiber, vitamins, minerals, things that end in “oids”. 2) The “bad” stuff: Fats, sodium, sugar, cholesterol. 3) Qualities: Protein, Fat, Glycemic load (I’ll just pretend to know what that is) and energy. 4) Sweet stuff: Artificial sweeteners, which are not factored into the NuVal Score.

So, with all that in mind, where do you think those potato chips rank? Not too high. Here are some highlights:

Sunchips – 24, Terra Sweet Potato Chips (yum!) – 49.

This one made me happy: Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Frozen Fudge Lites Bar – quite a mouthful but it scored 100!

Sargento Mozzarella String Cheese got a 27 while the six yogurt’s the mag mentions scored 94-100.

All produce they mentioned scored 91-100. Dried fruits scored high too. Who would have ever thought that fruits and veggies were good for you!? What a revelation! I hope I can remember that…

Here’s a sad one: Hostess 100 calorie pack of those chocolate cupcakes – 16. Boo. My sister will be depressed. They kept her going during the last months of her first pregnancy.

Here are a few that surprised me: There is one brand of ice cream that is better than the yogurt by the same company (Turkey Hill – a strange name for a company that makes ice cream.) Also, Jif Reduced Fat Peanut Butter scored a 7 while it’s regular counterpart scored a 20. They say the regular is “better” because it has more healthy fats. Guess I’ll have to switch.

My final comments on this system: I like it and want it in Wal-Mart, our god of groceries. (Don’t misunderstand, it is a god forced on me by necessity. I DON’T like Wal-Mart but I still shop there. And plan to live there when the zombies finally invade. But don’t tell anyone that. Not even Ra-Ian). But alas, Wal-Mart is not one of the 750 stores in the US using this system.

Brookshire’s is. My dad is the market manager (yeah, when my boyfriends found out my dad played with knives for a living….not so encouraging) and he says it has been hurting sales. People are actually paying attention to what they are buying now that they don’t have to read and decipher the nutritional info on the back. And they aren’t buying.

Read more about Nu-ValĀ here. I requested Wal-Mart use the system. So we will see what kind of pull I have with the higher-ups at Nu-Val. I hope I don’t have to sleep with anyone…

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2 Responses to Learn here about Nu-Val!

  1. Jane says:

    Well you wouldn’t want to fall into a swimming pool with one of those babies on. Drown for sure. Good lord, that one with the owl face is hideous. lol, its so awful I can’t stop looking at it. (having said that I’m hoping now that you aren’t actually wearing it).

  2. Jane says:

    I’m still here – I just had to have another look at it. I was thinking that if she looked down too quickly she’d be in danger of severing an artery.

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