What is your state’s official snack?

Tonight I pretended to read the Texas Coop Power Magazine. It is the small monthly publication our electricity provider puts out. I rarely ever find anything worth reading in it, but I did when $50 off my electric bill last year for the drawing they do. You answer some questions about what you read and send it in. Again, I pretend to read it. Sometimes I copy answers from my Grandmother. She is really into the magazine. Maybe I should take her some read ones, eh, Grandma?

I did learn that the official snack of Texas is chips and salsa. The Texas Legislature approved it in 2003. Whew! I am so glad to know that! I mean, we were so far behind the times without having an official snack. Next time I eat my chips and salsa, I will be sure to thank my lucky stars that the Lone Star State now has an official snack.

There is a photo contest in the mag I always have intentions of entering. Next months contest is Curious Cats. I have 4 of them. But it seems like an awful amount of trouble to get out my camera, change the rechargeable batteries that only hold a charge for like five seconds, figure out a pic to take, take it, put it on the computer, edit it, and send it in. See how lazy I am? Maybe if there was a cash incentive… but no, your “prize” is getting it published in thisĀ titillatingĀ little rag for all the other co-op people to look at and marvel over.

The only thing I could find of interest in this whopping 43 page magazine was an ad for “building Texas dream homes”. Then I realized they are built by Palm Harbor. Aren’t they the ones that build mobile homes? If I wanted one of those, I would… oh wait. I live in one now.

But check this one out. I am quite impressed. But not enough to keep reading this crap.

I want this. I’m a Medium. Who’s buying?


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