Long live the penny!!

I just did one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. It was right up there with birthing a baby naturally and giving up my dream of being a princess, the harsh reality I learned when I discovered my father was a butcher and my mother was a homemaker. Not quite royalty. Still, I held out hope for a little while… I’d move to England, win the heart of Prince William and live ever girl’s dream. But now that seems to be out of the question too.

I just read the last half of my magazine while walking on the treadmill (much harder than organizing my jewelry box, Jane). Once again, you see people on TV doing it! Gracefully balancing a book on the bar while jogging up a storm. There was no place to put it, so I just had to hold it. My arms got tired of holding it up, I couldn’t read all the little print and I seriously fell off once. I kept tripping over my own feet. I think the problem was focusing on something that was moving, instead of something stationary. It was a really stressful 15 minutes.

Why didn’t I either quit exercising or quit reading, you ask? Well, reader, because I am an obsessed multi-tasker. If I am on hold on the phone, I am typing out an email or reading a book. If I am watching TV, I am folding laundry or picking up the living room. Clearly, I multi-task in the tub. (Face mask, while soaking, while reading Real Simple, while perhaps eating a bowl of Chef Boyardee Ravioli.)

The last half of Real Simple October 2009 leaves me with six little tidbits.

1. I am adding Milano cookies to my Christmas list. I am too cheap to spend money on frivolous things like cookies but this ad for them has been staring my in the face ever since I sat down to type this. Plus, Ra-Ian brought some mint ones to work the other day. They were gone in about 12 seconds. I practically tore the package open with my teeth. (Yea for no more Weight Watchers!)


2. I should avoid looking up, down, right and left (like I am doing right now) while working from a document, like say, glancing over at a magazine while typing on the computer. It seems “this places to much strain on the neck.” So what about all those neck rolls I do in yoga? Bad?

3. The average Facebook visitor spends almost 4 and a half hours a day active, not just logged in, on the site. Seriously!? Who has that kind of time!? Are they doing this at work? Or in the precious fews hours from 5-10pm? Do they eat? Pee? Sleep? Or just stare and drool?

4. Some dude is trying to get the government to take away the penny. Some of you may have known this a year ago, but seeing how I am just now getting to Oct ’09, give me a break. He sights some stupid reasons for hating the penny and ends with “I’m certainly keeping my hopes up” when they ask him how likely it is that it will be retired. Can I say “douche” on WordPress? He wants all transaction to be rounded up or down, to the nearest nickel. He thinks this will save time upon checkout, where it takes 2 to 2 1/2 SECONDS to count change at the register. That would save A WHOLE FEW HOURS a YEAR. Uh no. I want my penny. And I don’t want to pay $1.00 for a .98 cent candy bar. So what if it costs 1.7 cents to make 1 cent. I don’t pay for it. What will happen to all of the the penny slots?

5. There are some pretty funny Halloween Costume ideas, but they are too many to list, so I found the ones from this year here.

6. A man named Robert L. Leahy has written 17 books on the subject of coping with anxiety. Wow. 17. Could he really not say it all with one or two, J.K. Rowling? Alright, Potter fans, don’t start throwing things.

What a harsh note to end on.

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One Response to Long live the penny!!

  1. Tracie says:

    Broccoli Spears.. wow.. what if nobody asks what you are?

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