A spoon full of sugar…

I am sitting here typing, sipping a cup of Vanilla Rooibos tea from my “I heart Jim’ Office mug. Jordan is next to me, “balancing” the checkbook with his Dundler Mifflin “I’m the boss’s go-to man” mug, brimming with coffee. What does this have to do with my trial, you ask? Well-st, I made our drinks with the fancy creamer and sugar set that came with my dishes. They have been sitting in my cabinet, untouched, since before I was married.

I filled the creamer cup with my son’s whole milk (Jordan was disappointed to learn it wasn’t actually cream) and dumped a little sugar in the sugar bowl with matching lid. I made him a cup of coffee (it took me two tries because I can’t measure) while my tea brewed. Come to think of it, I am killing three bids with one stone here, because I have only used that coffee pot like, twice. (I am a tea drinker. No coffee please.)

While they were both piping hot, and with minimal coffee spillage (really, that little pour spout is just asking for it), I added a few scoops of sugar to each mug and then some milk. It swirled in with the dark liquids, making pretty little whirls of tan and brown and cream. I felt fancy and sophisticated while doing it, but now there are just two extra dirty dishes to wash. Plus spoons.

And it is good. Creamy, spicy, vanilla red tea. Thanks for leaving it at my house, Nayeli!

That was easy enough. My tea is gone, my tummy is warm, and I am off to pretend to help with the checkbook. I suck at math so it is pretty much up to Jordan.

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2 Responses to A spoon full of sugar…

  1. Nayeli says:

    You’re welcome. I knew you would put it to good use 😛

  2. I still have one left!

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