Can’t I just use a pan?

My grandmother spent 5 minutes earlier pondering whether or not she had gone back to flush her toilet earlier, even though she just “wet” in it. I should explain that she only flushes her toilet once a day, for “wetting”. I would hope for more than wetting, she would flush. She doesn’t want to pay for water, so she saves up a flush. She also had a hot water heater rust through because she didn’t use the hot water enough. Why? Because she didn’t want to pay for it. For a shower, she turns it on long enough to get wet. Then she turns it off, soaps up, and then rinses off. I figure she uses about a total of 1 minute of hot water. And you know that old ladies don’t bathe every day. So she probably uses about 7-10 minutes of hot water a month. Why do people lose their mind when they get older?

Yeah. Moving on…

Tonight I decided to drag out my Quesdilla Maker. I wasn’t even sure where it was, but after some digging, I found it in that little cubbie-hole of a cabinet squeezed in next to the stove, covered in dust. How does it get dusty if it is closed up in a cabinet? Years of non-use and neglect?

My mother-in-law loves to buy me appliances that have one and only one use. Like the Quesadilla Maker (I’ve always just used a pan, or Taco Bell), the Hot Chocolate Maker (I find a cup and the microwave to be simpler), and the Waffle Maker (how often do I have time to get up and make a big waffle-themed breakfast? Maybe I could cook steaks on it.)

I plug it in and start heating it up. I dig for tortillas in the frig. We always have tortillas. Okay…so I have one. One very small tortilla. I decide to go ahead with it. (Dang! I just remembered I have some in the freezer!) I smear on some refried beans, add a few bites of chicken and a pile of shredded cheese. The Q Maker is huge, and dwarfs my tiny little folded tortilla. Jordan laughs when he sees what I am doing. Then he also suggests “screwing something up” to make my blog “funnier”. Thanks, Honey.

It took me a minute to figure out the lid. You are supposed to clamp it down, making those nice little creases down the quesadilla. It was actually kind of hard to get closed and I was afraid I was going to kill it. After about 5 minutes of checking for burning, closing the lid, checking for burning again, closing the lid again, it is done. The cheese has oozed all over the place, but I find it is really easy to clean up because of whatever the surface is made out of. Non-stick something? There are almost three little pieces, and would have been better if I had an actual real tortilla instead of a mini one.

I cut it up, smeared it with sour cream (fat free, of course) and took a bite. The tortilla was really nice and crispy, with just the right amount of flakiness. The cheese was melty and good. I was impressed. I might actually use this again now that I’ve had it for YEARS. I just have to buy some tortillas.

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6 Responses to Can’t I just use a pan?

  1. Slamdunk says:

    The Mrs. can’t stand Mexican food or I would choose to eat quesdillas and the like most every night.

  2. Wendy says:

    I think my hubby could eat it every day too. Must run in his family.

  3. Tracie says:

    oh how I love your grandma stories 😉

  4. GoVolsGo says:

    Oh my…I think grandma is crazy, water is super cheap – does she know that? lol

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