Vanilla Ice… Cubes (In My Hot Chocolate)

Up to the plate: Hot Chocolate Maker. This is one of those “one hit wonders” from my mother in law. I’ve tried to think of another use for it, but failed. What other drink do I want hot? Coffee? Okay, but no filter. Rum and coke? Maybe not. Soup? I’m not sure chunks would work well in there.

I never knew I needed a machine that would simultaneously stir and heat my drink. I even told my mother in law I did not need it. She deemed my opinion unnecessary and bought it for me anyway. You can guarantee, every Christmas when we go over to her house, she will have her Hot Chocolate Maker running.

So instead of heating up a cup of milk in the microwave, I poured the milk into this blender looking thing, dumped in a couple packets of hot chocolate and turned it on. The volume of it really startled me. It was much louder than a dull humming. We could barely hear the Ranger game over it. It took a really long time, like 5-10 minutes… and it overflowed. In the microwave, it would have taken two minutes, been much quieter and not overflowed.

I did feel like a Starbucks Barista pouring it out of the HC maker, though. There is a little lever you push and it fills your cup. You can even get foam or no foam. And then it drips all over the counter. It doesn’t look fun to clean either. We’ll have to check back with Jordan on that later.

It was a little too hot, so I dunked in an ice cube I made from some screwed up vanilla pudding I attempted to make the other day. I accidentally added water instead of milk to the instant pudding mix. I kept wondering why it didn’t get pudding-like. It was still soupy after two hours. Then it came to me that I put water in it. I remembered filling up the measuring cup with water but I don’t know why I chose to do so. Oh well. A vanilla ice cube was good in my hot chocolate.

I’ll probably use it again. As long as I have time to kill, don’t need to hear any conversations  and Jordan promises to wash it.

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2 Responses to Vanilla Ice… Cubes (In My Hot Chocolate)

  1. Tracie says:

    I have one of these too.. though not as fancy. Ben bought it for me.. that’s his equivalent to flowers 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    It’s the thought that counts…

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