The answer is “with Dark Chocolate Almond Spread.”

I got up early this morning to make a nice family breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese and waffles (to use my waffle iron). I have used the waffle iron before a few times, but I can’t remember using it in at least the last five years. My dad LOVES his waffle iron. He got one of those fancy ones that hotels use last Christmas. He loves in so much that he took it with us on vacation last spring, through 3 states.

I poured two cups of the mix in a bowl, added milk, an egg and some oil and stirred until smooth.

Attempt #1: Got the non-stick spray out of pantry. Forgot to use it. Whoops. Remembered couple minutes in, but nothing to do. Finish cooking, scraped, fed to dogs. (Jordan caught me and said “what happened there?” I told him and he said “at least you have something to write about.”)

Attempt #2: Perfect. Didn’t over flow with batter. Didn’t stick, was crispy, brown and fluffy.

Attempt #3: Got too cocky. Overflow of batter. Dripping on counter.

Attempt #4: Opened halfway through. Waffle stuck to top, fell off in lump. Smashed back on iron with fork. No longer cocky.

Attempt #5: Another perfect one. Cockiness resumes.

With the pile of waffles done, I finish up the eggs. They turn out great now that I know my husband’s secret: butter and milk. And I add lots of cheese at the end, so it doesn’t melt all the way, a little trick my Grandmother uses.

I set the table with plates and napkins, fill our glasses with OJ, and go for the syrup. No syrup. How can we eat waffles without syrup?

The answer is “with Dark Chocolate Almond Spread.”

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