I’m a Little Tea Pot.

Update on Food Chopper: Upon digging in my cabinets for tonight’s kitchen gadget, I found part of what can only be the food chopper I used a few blogs ago. It is a plastic piece with a zigzag pattern cut out of it for the blades to go. I think that if I had put it together right, it would have stopped the food from smashing up into the blades, causing me lots of frustration, psychiatrist bills, and valium. Whoops.

Tonight I decided to use the tea pot I HAD to have two or three Christmas’s ago. It is a glass teapot with a strainer built in. I was so excited to see it peeking though the gift wrap as I unwrapped Jordan’s present. How well he knew me! He picked out such a perfect gift! He must be paying attention all those nights I make a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. I felt vindicated in our relationship. My husband knew my wants and met my needs. What a great couple we are! Or he read it off my wish list. That I printed out for him. And shoved in his face during a football game. Then taped to the bathroom mirror.

I used it once, with a very delicious tea called Yerba Mate Latte from Republicoftea.com. It’s fun to say out loud. Go ahead, you know you want to. It has a chocolaty flavor, very robust. Feel free to go to their site and buy me yummy things, a little hint Jordan has never picked up on.

In an ideal world you could put chopped, loose tea leaves in it to steep, push the strainer top down and get all the good flavors into the water without the leaves floating through. In an ideal world. My Yerba leaves ended up polluting the brew and spilling all over the place when I tried to re-strain it through a coffee filter into a bowl. Let’s hope this time goes better.

I bought some tea bags (that’s what she said) yesterday especially for this blog. It is called Organic African Nectar. It’s a Rooibos tea with marigold and hibiscus flowers. And it’s a loose tea, in little biodegradable silken pouches, made by Might Leaf. The photo on the outside is filled with color petals, but the actual bag is rather dull. I had planned on emptying out the bag into the cylinder in the tea pot to use it as it is intended, but after seeing the tiny, shredded leaves, I chickened out. I didn’t want to ruin my tea again. So I left it in the bag.

Anyhoo, I boiled the water, let it steep, strained it, and then proceeded to pour it from the teapot all over the counter. I don’t know why it spilled everywhere. It just poured funny. I am not a good pourer. It is a skill I do not possess. My dad is an excellent pourer, years of practice drinking coffee. But pouring is not a skill I inherited. I did get enough in my cup to drink it though.

It seems like it will be easy to clean. Just a quick rinse with soap and water. Jordan will have to let you know. Actually, I might give him a break and clean it… this one time. Supper was out of a box and pretty lousy, so I am feeling a little generous. I am disappointed that I can’t put it on the stove top. I have to boil water in a pan and then pour it is, which seemed like an extra step, kind of like that Hot Chocolate Maker. But I guess if the tea really was loose, it would work better.

I hope my blog was better tonight… my ex-dear friend and truffle giver James told me it has been “lacking”. I love you too, James.

Still not good enough? Try this:

I take full credit for someone else’s creativity. And cat.

And for Monty Python:



This one is for you, Nichole.



More? Go here. Or here.

Seacrest out.


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  1. I’m a brave little toaster.

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