Molten Mannequins

I picked up some heavy cream on the way home so I could use my Ramekins. Don’t worry. I had to look that word up too when I first ran across it. I am still not sure how to pronounce it. They are small, white bowls used to cook creme brulee.

Tonight I made Molten Lava Cakes, while I cooked supper. I had all four burners on the stove going and I didn’t ruin anything. Be impressed. I was sure I’d scald the rice to the bottom of the pan. But we learned long ago that the blacker the better when it comes to smoked sausage.

I started melting the chocolate chips, butter, and cream in a saucepan (back right burner). I got the flour and vanilla read to add. I put the eggs and sugar in another bowl. “Using an electric mixer, blend on high until fluffy and lemon colored, about 10 minutes.” 10 MINUTES! Who has ten minutes? Didn’t they know I was cooking 4 separate dishes while attempting to wrangle a toddler? (Who was mysteriously quiet for fifteen seconds during the flour adding. I turned around to see him holding the salt shaker upside down, watching the salt pour out onto the floor into a little pile.)

Back to the 10 minute egg mixing. In an extremely risky and daring move, I propped the mixer on the side of the bowl while it was mixing, knowing that one little slip would throw the ingredients and bowl onto the floor. But luck was on my side.


While the eggs beat themselves, I worked on supper. When I turned back around a few minutes later, the eggs were really fluffy and light. This must be what Julia Child always talked about. It reminded me of the meringue atop a chocolate cream pie. I later commented on my astute observation to Jordan and he said “yeah, that’s how they make meringue.” How did my husband, a man that never cooks, know this and I didn’t?

Here I will insert a warning to my co-workers: I have a terrible habit of licking my utensils mid-cook. So next time I whip up a batch of cobblers to bring to work, keep that in mind. After I dumped the flour and vanilla into the chocolate mixture, I unconsciously licked the spoon, not thinking it was only flour. Gross. Mouth full of powder.

I filled each ramekin and baked them in a jelly roll (had to look that up – it is just a baking sheet with sides) for 8 minutes. During this time, I finished up supper and sat Riley down to eat. This is when I realized his hands and the table were covered in something black. Charcoal-looking. I still don’t know what it was. Little boys get into everything!

I served the cakes still warm with powdered sugar and chocolate chips on top. The middle was nice and gooey. Jordan spent five minutes trying to convince Riley he didn’t really want his, and licking up any crumbs he might let fall. Then he said “please tell me there are more of these.” He was more than a little heartbroken when I told him there were none, that I only had 4 ramekins to bake in (I took one to my Grandmother). He briefly tried to convince me to wash them and start the process over and make 4 more but realized it was no use. Later, he walked by the dirty kitchen and mumbled “I wish you’d had more mannequins.”


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8 Responses to Molten Mannequins

  1. GoVolsGo says:

    Those molten cakes look fabulous!!!! Wish I had been invited to dinner…I would have gladly done the dishes, in exchange for a molten cake or 3! 🙂

    • Oh girl, you don’t want to come to my house. It usually looks like a tornado ripped through. Plus you would have had to fight Jordan for your piece of cake. 🙂 He’s pretty stout.

  2. Jane says:

    I do a lot of eating along the way when I bake. If people wonder why my cakes are rather slim its because most of the batter goes into my stomach instead of the tin. I always imagine it in there cooking. And rising. I made a layered chocolate cake through the week that had a choc cream cheese filling and I ate so much of it I couldn’t even face a piece of cake when it was finished. I could hardly even look at it. Yours look nice thought, all gooey in the midle.

    • They were really good. A good portion size, but not big enough to cure my sweet tooth. And they weren’t overly sweet, which was nice. I do the same thing you said, “Taste” so much eating that by the time you are done baking your stomach hurts at the thought of eating a real, finished piece! Your cake sounds wonderful though! I love cream cheese. It has so many properties!

  3. Bill says:

    Maybe your next kitchen gadget should be a stand mixer! The molten cakes sound delicious. I loved the title of this post (nice alliteration!) and the way you “tied it up with a bow” with Jordan’s comment at the end. I enjoyed seeing the photos as well. Nicely done!


  4. Nayeli says:

    Aww, I liked this 🙂

    Have you checked out You would love that site. I found this and thought you could make Chai “Mannequins” hahaha…it’s for coffee, but I don’t see how it couldn’t work with tea 🙂

    -Happy cooking 🙂

  5. Thanks for the recipe. It looks really good. I’ll check out that site!

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