Baking bread the old fashioned way.


I made bread in my bread maker today. I didn’t have to hunt for this appliance; it is so huge that there is only one cabinet big enough to hold its monstrosity. Ironically, it is the same cabinet that houses the waffle iron, Quesadilla maker and a boxed set of steak utensils (2 pronged forks, knives, a sharpened) that I have used maybe once. And I am sure I didn’t use the knives for the purpose intended, since we never buy pricey steaks. I probably used it to pry a nail out of a wall or scrape wax off the counter.

There are different settings on the bread maker… I picked the “cake” one and followed a recipe in the little book that came with it (which I had to do quite a bit of digging to get). It seemed a little boring so I added some chocolate chips that were left over from the Molten Lava Cakes I made a couple days ago. Turns out it was a very good call.

I mixed up all the ingredients and poured them in the insides of the machine. It took 3 hours to cook! I could have baked 4 cakes in that time. Or 6 cobblers. Ha. I kept creeping in the kitchen to peer at it through the little window on top. I think it mixed the batter for about 2 1/2 hours, then baked it. It just wanted me to think it was working really hard. There is no excuse for it taking so long. It will be reprimanded.

At the 30 minutes left mark, we went outside to carve our pumpkin (Jordan is making a pumpkin pie with the guts) and came back in to a lovely baked aroma in the house. I took it out of the machine and it fell out with a heavy thud onto the plate. The edges were a little burnt. Not impressed. I sliced into it and the melted chocolate chips made me feel better about it’s work. 

Turns out, its pretty dang good. It’s really sweet, but I guess it would be with only 1 1/ cups flour to 1 cup (!) sugar. I cut off a hunk to take to my grandma. I walked past Jordan with it on a plate and he said “what a waste…”. He is selfish when it comes to sweets. I’ll have to pry a slice of that pumpkin pie out of his cold, dead hands to take to her. 

This is my last kitchen gadget post… I could do at least another week. I am going to make sushi tomorrow, to use our sushi mat rollers, chopsticks and cute little sushi dishes. I figure they are jealous of all the other pieces getting used. They need to see the light of day as well. I could also use a baster (does anyone use this on any day other than Thanksgiving?), some kind of a bottle with a spout from my “grapes” dishes set or this weird oval, wire basket, still in the plastic wrap. I have no idea what it is, I’ve just moved it from house to house and never questioned it.

Thanks for reading. Tune in the 1st the see what my next trial will be. I’ll be kickin’ it old school.

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