I didn’t saw the sign.

For the next two weeks, I will be writing a tribute to the musical tastes of my younger, slimmer, hipper (albeit, frumpier) High School self. I will listen to all those must-have CDs I bought in High School that haven’t been cracked open since the last 90s. Some were saved and bought for, some were borrowed and never returned from friends, and some were deviously stolen from ex-boyfriends.

I’ll skip the ones I still listen to regularly: Matchbox 20 – Push (before Sell-Out Thomas, as Jordan and I call him, went solo… and crap-o), The Wallflowers – Bringing Down the Horse, Shawn Mullins – Lullaby (in my opinion, one of the best albums ever) and Fiona Apple – Criminal, which I was jamming out to yesterday. That girl still rocks!

My concentrations will be on some lesser listened to CDs, such as Joan Osborne (didn’t she have that God song?) or The Gin Blossoms, but also some I remember loving, like Tom Petty and BUSH! Gavin Rossdale anyone? (another sell-out)

I also planned on dragging out my old Ace of Base CD.

I just HAD to have it, cause a friend got it, but I had no earthly idea who they were. I still don’t, come to think of it. I actually won their The Sign single (cassette tape, of course) from one of those machine with the claw in the West End in Dallas. Yeah, I totally rocked that game. (Once, anyway.) I went to get it and it was not there, filed where it should have been, in between Alanis and Andrea Bocelli. Who stole my Ace of Base? I may never hear those blonde Swedes sing All That She Wants (and be confused by it) ever again!

Tune in tomorrow for a musical review/factoid about first up, Silverchair with Frogstomp. So does that title refer to a big frog, stomping around or to someone stomping on frogs. Cause I gotta say, I love those little guys and I don’t want to see any of them get hurt in the making of this blog.

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One Response to I didn’t saw the sign.

  1. i think this new twoweektrial requires help from pineapple express, oh and I love some matchbox twenty. my mom and I used to jam some matchbox lol.

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