NOT stomping on frogs.

I thought my internet wasn’t working last night, so I couldn’t post. Turns out, all it was was the little wireless button was switched off. Oops. I never claimed to be a techno-savvy person.

CD One: Silverchair’s Frogstomp. Stolen considered a parting gift from ex-boyfriend. (He’ll never miss it).These guys started playing in Jr. High, wrote some songs, won a tv music contest with “Tomorrow” and got many offers to sign a deal. Their name had been Innocent Criminals, but changed it to Silverchair. “Silver” comes from Nirvana’s song Sliver, which our new Aussie band misspelled, and a song called Berlin Chair by their favorite band, another Aussie group called You Am I. (Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of them either.)

These guys were only 15 when this CD was released! I had no idea I was listen to grunge music put out by my Australian peers across the ocean. What was I doing at 15? I was learning to drive (not very well, seeing how I have been pulled over a record 20 times since 16 years old), chasing boys (I eventually caught a pretty good one, but I was 21), perfecting my makeup (still a work in progress) and watching Dawson’s Creek (Team Pacey!) Not quite the same as launching a million dollar music career and tour the world.

Since they were still in school, they turned in homework from the road, and got excellent grades in music (by turning in their CD). Their mom’s managed their affairs while their dads were roadies. I can relate. My mom, like all other moms, attempted to manage by affairs and my dad took time off work to be a church youth group “roadie”. See? I had practically the same childhood as Silverchair, I just lacked the millions of dollars, the fans, the albums and any musical talent whatsoever. Think anyone would pay to hear me butcher Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on my son’s Xylophone?

I hate bands that are too good to include their lyrics in the enclosed booklet. This one is just full of different colored frogs, which represent each band member. Their names are orange, blue and yellow. They also mention llamas a lot. “No llamas were harmed in the making of this album” and “Silverchair supports the liberation of the llama nation.” I googled and googled, but I couldn’t figure out what all that llama nonsense was. I did learn that the album, which they recorded in only 9 days, was originally going to be called Llama’s Revenge, but was changed to Frogstomp, which was from a song in the 60’s. The llama references will remain a mystery, unless any of my 10 whole readers have any insight…?

They are still one of Australia’s most successful bands, but really…can you name another Australian band? Didn’t think so. Oh wait! You Am I.

Ten years ago I would have said my favorite song was “Tomorrow” (I pulled up to pick up my kiddo today shouting “Fat Boy, wait til tomorrow!”) but I think I like Undecided best. I love the percussion. Heavy drums. No drums. Drums again. No drums. You just have to listen to it. Pure Massacre was great again, or course, as well as my 2nd fave song on this album, Israel’s Son. I was headbanging at the red light within seconds.

The last two songs, Cicada just sounded like a bunch of noise to me, and Findaway skipped, so I skipped it. That concludes Frogstomp. No frogs were harmed in the listening to of this CD.

Listen to it yourself, here.


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2 Responses to NOT stomping on frogs.

  1. Nayeli says:

    Hahaha…I think for any girl that was into music during high school must have “gotten cd’s as um…gifts” from ex’s. (I have a couple and quite a lot of tapes…did you tape-trade?). I think it’s funny that they misspelled sliver and just went with it…surely, SURELY someone in Australia would be the big Kurt Cobain fan to just know that was wrong…maybe they didn’t have too many friends…

    …and as the world music person that I am….check out this cook website: 🙂

    I’ve been stuck with Tool as my favorite band since high school…I always go back to them…Reflection is one of my favorite songs…and EVERYTIME I listen to it…something new comes out of it…new thoughts, new experience…new beats (I also love the bass, drum aspects of a song…not because I was a drummer or anything like that :P)

    You’re going to have fun with these two weeks!!! 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Tool! I forgot about Tool! Yeah, that are great. I don’t have tapes anymore, so I guess I don’t tape trade. 🙂 I’ll have to check out Reflection. Thanks!

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