10 things I learned from my first NFL game.

In lieu of blogging about CDs this weekend, I went to visit my sister and her family in Houston. We went garage selling Saturday morning and I found some real steals on CDs. $1 each! I got Bing Crosby Christmas CD (I can barely wait to play it! Is it still too early to bust out the Christmas music? Jordan says yes…), my 7th or 8th Sinatra CD (just can’t get enough, and yes, I have a Christmas Album), Muddy Waters, Miles David (which Riley loved), Johnny Cash, The Empire Strikes Back Soundtrack (who doesn’t love Star Wars? Oh right, my darling husband.) and Bush – Deconstructed (which I figured out after about 3 songs is a techno dance remix album. I liked it, but about halfway through my temples were pulsing to the beat on their own, so I had to turn it off.)

I also went to my first (I was about to type “Major League” but then realized that was baseball) NFL game this weekend. We went with one of my favorite friends (and big-time football fan) to see the Houston Texans play the Chargers. I wanted to share 10 things I learned.

1. Having 3 cocktails before 10a.m. is perfectly acceptable when you are tailgating, especially if they are made from juice, like Screwdrivers or Bloody Marys.

2. Tailgating makes Kriss Kross cool again. “Jump, Jump!” Anyone?

3. Almost anyone can pull off a football jersey. (Even me!) Big, fat guys just look like the players. (There was one fan there in football pads. Really? Did he really think people would think he was a player… wandering around in the stands with a beer?) Women look cute in the small tops. Nerds can even don a jersey and look cool. Even pregnant women look good!

4. After a couple beers, everybody becomes friends. Even the die-hard Cowboys fan and the die-hard Anti-Cowboys fan can co-exist in the same tailgating tent and even enjoy each other’s company.

5. You don’t sit down at football games. Ever. The half-time show is no exception. It is just another opportunity to walk around and slap out some more high-fives with your fellow Texan’s fans.

6. It is really loud in the stadium. Forget having a conversation with the person next to you. If you do need to ask them a question, it is best to cup your hands over their ears and shout, rendering them deaf. (Football fans are way crazier than the baseball fans I am used to. Baseball games are much quieter. And you only stand up when something really exciting happens.)

7. You must high-five everyone within a ten foot radius any time there is a positive play made in your team’s advantage. This includes, but is not limited to every block, tackle, sack, field goal or touchdown. There are no exceptions for not high-fiving. Even if you just gave a round of high-fives 10 seconds before. Even if you have a beer or camera or newborn in your hands. You must also high-five everyone on the aisle on your way to the bathroom or to get a burger.

8. My football fan friend can sweet talk her way into or out of anything. Even carrying a beer past the security guard next to the “no alcohol past this point” sign was no match for her. Just a few eye bats and some “pleases” and she could sell ice to an Eskimo. (And she probably does!)

9. The field looks much bigger on TV than in person. I am used to the wide open spaces of a baseball stadium. I leaned over and quietly shouted in Jordan’s ear, “that’s it?”, while pointing at the field. Jenna says “the camera add ten pounds.” Or in the case, 10 more yards or more rows of seating.

10. “One beer at the game is worth a case in the bush.” I can’t believe people pay $8 for a beer. I want to open a beer stand in there and charge only $5. I’d be a rich woman.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy. The fans were fun, the people we were with were great, the game was actually really fun to watch, the food was excellent (tailgaters are SERIOUS: we had ribs, steak, pork tenderloin AND sausage, as well as tons of other stuff). It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be… of course, anyone would have fun with a little help from my new best friend, Mr. Rootbeer Vodka.

The innings quarters seem to fly by, much faster than it goes on TV. I know my husband is hoping that since I went to a pro game that now I will be more interested in his Sunday afternoon television activities, I am warning him not to hold out any hope. Unless he buys me some Rootbeer Vodka.


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