Jewel and the Gin Blossoms… I am too tired for a catchy title.

I started writing this blog because I like to write, I needed a creative outlet and I hoped I could somehow worm my way into getting paid to write. Two and a half months later, I am getting tired of blogging. Having a full time job, a husband to spend time with, a toddler to raise, and a house to take care of, doesn’t leave me with much free time. I feel obligated to write a blog every night and I shouldn’t feel that way. So in an effort to not get burnt out and to keep enjoying writing, I am going to only post three days a week, probably on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am sure all of my readers will survive, after the initial withdrawal. Just take a Valium, lie down on the couch and breath in a paper bag. I may even make some of you happier by not junking up your inbox seven days a week. So here goes…

The last two CDs I have listened to are Jewel – Pieces of You and The Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience.

Let’s start with Jewel. Released in 1994, apparently the year I bought all of my high school CDs. I saw here on Chelsea Lately a couple weeks ago.She was talking about riding her motorcycle and backpacking in the wilderness with her other half. Couldn’t tell if she has gotten her teeth fixed.

The first song is Who Will Save Your Soul, which is still a great song. I love the opening drums and guitar. The lyrics in my handy little lyric booklet she so wonderfully provided with her CD are different from the lyrics actually sung. I had no luck googling why.

Pieces of you has always bugged me a little. Basically she says she/he is a ______(ugly girl, pretty girl, jew, and the “f” word for gay people that I refuse to put in print), does that make you want to __________ (kill her, kick in his face, call her a bitch). Singing the “F” word (that rhymes with maggot) in a very beautiful, flowing voice with a melodic guitar strumming in the background is a little odd, if you ask me.

Little Sister is not about her little sister. She doesn’t have one. It is about a friend’s little brother. An interesting factoid I learned while searching about the WWSYSoul lyrics. It is about a girl9and the world)  trying to overcome addictions.

This album has two wonderful breakup songs (Foolish Games and You Were Meant For Me) and two incredibly cute “in a relationship” songs (Near You Always and Morning Song). All of them have been my anthem at least once in my life. Wailing with Jewel to You Were Meant For Me while driving down the highway in my ’67 Mustang was some real therapy. Of course, He Wasn’t Meant For Me, but when you are a teenager, they all are Mr. Right. Right now, I think Morning Song fits my life best. Except for the dishes in the sink. Those must always be done. One line says “for you, I’d be a poor man’s wife”. I think that’s sweet. The lyrics are here.

There are also two songs I must always skip. Adrian is very sad and odd, about a guy in an accident and now he is basically an empty shell, and this girl that loves him takes care of him. The other song I don’t like is called Painters. It is about two people that have spent their life together, painting, and one of them kicks the bucket. It’s heartbreaking and I refuse to play it. If you want a trip, read the lyrics to Daddy. Weird stuff.

I always wanted Angel Standing By to be played at my funeral. Amen is haunting a worth a listen. Here are samples.

And now the Gin Blossoms. What a bunch of scruffy looking dudes. I would have thought they were good looking, judging by their voices. Clearly, I am not a good judge of voices.

There were a lot of singles played from this album. Seven to be exact. And there are only 12 songs on the album. I like almost all of them, (Hey Jealousy is my fave) but this is still just average in my book. Nothing that really stands out. This one is going back on the shelf. Cheatin’ is waaaay too country for me, so I skipped it. Cajun song is also pushing it a little. Don’t care much for it. Another song of theirs I like, but not on this CD, it Til I Hear It From You. Shout out to Empire Records. Now, where is my Rex Manning CD…?

Apparently, they are still around. There last album was released last month. They look much better now. Not tangles, split ends, or cigarettes. Just 18 years and a few extra pounds. And much needed hair transformations. Listen to NME here.

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6 Responses to Jewel and the Gin Blossoms… I am too tired for a catchy title.

  1. Bill says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Well, I for one like having you “junk up” my inbox. But I certainly understand if you feel it’s best to scale back on posting. I went through a similar process when I started blogging. At first it seemed really exciting, and I wanted to post frequently and participate in lots of memes. Now I do well to post once a week (and I’m not dealing with a toddler — how have you been doing it???). Sometimes, when I skip a week or so, someone will write and ask if anything’s wrong. That reminds me that at least one person is out there reading, and that what I do means something to them. I’m sure lots of people are relating to what you write and would miss you if you stopped. So cutting back to three days a week sounds like a good compromise to me.

    When you do post, I’ll be here …

    Kindest regards,

    • Wendy says:

      I am with you. I couldn’t wait to get home every day and check my blog stats. Now, it’s mostly discouraging. haha. Your posts all require to much work, it should take you an entire day, just to set up, take pictures, edit, write, post. They are so in depth. I think you do great to post once a week! I have a pretty good kiddo, or else my house would be crumbling down around me. For now, it’s just a mess. He allows me to get some stuff done. He is learning to entertain himself, so that’s good for me. Thanks for your devoted reading, Bill!

  2. Evgenia says:

    Writing is already a a big thing to do 🙂 I am personally far from enjyoing it. So it would be really cool if you don’t quit writing – it’s very interesting to read (and I learned a lot about football, for example :)) Will be looking forward to reading you 3 times a week now!

  3. Jane says:

    Lol, good lord there’s a blast from the past. I played that Jewel album so much I have to wonder now if I was suffering from some mental disorder at the time.

  4. Wendy says:

    I know what you mean. She’s somethin’ else. A lot of her songs/lyrics are so messed up!

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