Love me, love me. Say that you love me.

My last two days have been filled with The Cardigans – First Band on the Moon and Tom Petty – Wildflowers.

The Cardigans’s lyric booklet, which DOES contain lyrics, nice crisp one, looks like it was printed on my home computer. I wonder if it is supposed to look homemade, or if it reallyis. Gotta save on those productions costs. They have some pretty catchy tunes. Your New Cuckoo was stuck in my head all day.

A few songs later, I keep hearing a train blowing its whistle. I am not near tracks, which could be good or bad, I guess. I keep looking around, turn down the radio to get a better listen, and realize the train is in the song. It’s called Never Recover. Hmph.

One thing that does drive me crazy is when the playlist on the back of the CD case has the songs, but are not numbered. It is hard to weave through traffic while counting down track listings to figure out the name of the song I am listening to. Just number it and save me a ticket for running that red light.

Lovefool is great of course, and my favorite. It makes me thing about Jim and Andy singing it on The Office. It is on the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack, which I love. I am very much a soundtrack buyer. I own a ton of them. They have the best selection of music and if you don’t like one of the artists, just skip them, cause the next song will be by someone else. Unless of course you are listening to the Armageddon Soundtrack. Aerosmith owns that album.

They cover Iron Man. Is that not weird? She’s got this sweet, almost childlike voice singing Black Sabbath. No hard core guitar here. No Ozzy yelling. Just melodious, sweet as honey singing. Here are the track samples.

Tom Petty is next.
I bought this CD because a guy I liked had it. I had no idea who Tom Petty was. Rock? Metal? Jazz? I still don’t know. Folk? Rock-ish? Country? I just know that Mary Jane is perhaps in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I am disappointed when I pop in Wildflowers and Mary Jane is not on it.

I like the first half of the CD. The ending gets a little drab. I like Wildflowers because I liked it back then. If I heard it now for the first time, I’d probably change the station. You Don’t Know How It Feels is good. Steady beat, harmonica. Who doesn’t love a harmonica? You Wreck Me and It’s Good to be King are good ones, but Honey Bee is my favorite on this album. It just plain rocks out. Take a listen. Here are the rest of the songs.

Speaking of The Office… my husband is dying to watch it. He is waiting ever so patiently, reading a magazine on the couch, occasionally glaring at me to bore holes into the back of my head. Better sign off.

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