I did it for you.

Fate stepped into my life today. I picked No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom to listen to. I jammed out to Don’t Speak, still my favorite on the album, heard it again as my toddler was fiddling with the radio at home, and again when I changed it back to the original station. That’s to random and coincidental to NOT be fate.

I bought this CD for Don’t Speak, Spiderwebs, and Just a Girl. This CD makes me think about Letters to Cleo, this chick band that rocks out. All of the songs are so distinctive from one another. The booklet has this weird rotten fruit theme going on, soooo don’t know what that’s about. I like No Doubt much better than I like a solo Stefani. Sorry, Gwen. I think I’ll give this one another listen or two before filing it away for another 15 years. (Wow. Has it really been 15 years?)

I also pulled out Madonna – Bedtimes Stories. What the hell (sorry, Mom) was I thinking buying this one? It sucks. Why do I even still own it? I bought it because I thought Human Nature totally kicked ass (sorry again, Mom). I saw a video for Human Nature on MTV and apparently it rotted my brain. I thought it was so edgy and hot, all of them dressed in that black leather and dancing around in those white cubes, knocking on the walls. Now it just looks stupid. Why does she show up in bra and undies there at the end? Where did your black leather leotard go, Madonna? (But that rope sequence at the end is kind of cool.) See what I mean here. (Maybe you should skip this one, Mom.)

I also liked Secret and Take a Bow. Now the whole album just seems so… easy listening…? Bleh. I don’t like it. I think Take a Bow was on A League of Their Own… Madonna and Rosie at their finest.

To get THAT bad taste out of my mouth, I continued with Bryan Adams – So Far So Good. I don’t care how old I get, I will always rock out to Summer of ’69. “I got my first real six string…” Though I didn’t know what a six-string was when I was 12… I cranked it up, thought about rolling down the windows (too chilly) and played air guitar all the way to pick up my son from the sitters. Then I informed him he was lucky he missed out on Madonna.

Let me just tell you this Mr. Adams: Track 5 – Do I Have to Say the Words? Yes, Bryan, say the words! We girls must hear them. After Straight From the Heart two songs previous, I would have thought you’d figured that one out! I like Run to You, though it’s about an affair. Whoops, Mr. Adams. The only words you are going to be saying now are “Divorce.”

I remember watching Kevin Coster kick major ass (there I go again, Mom. But in my defense, ass is in the Bible) as Robin Hood in Price of Thieves, which features Everything I Do I Do it For you. (What a long title.) I also remember my sister and I making complete idiots of ourselves with this song.

When we were young, my cousins and I often put on little shows and charged admission for out family. Magic tricks, dress up contests, a reciting of King Lear by Shakespeare, you know, usual kid stuff. In there spirit of how well those shows always went, my sister and I decided to write, direct, produce AND star in our own little Everything I Do LIVE music video. We had the parents sit on the couch. Of course, I felt I should be the lead (and only) role, since I new all the words and the “overall feel” I wanted (as director) but I also didn’t want my little sister to screw up the mood lighting. You had to dim it at just the right spot or the whole Live Music video wold be a waste!

I still remember the exact placement of the furniture, where they sat, my sister hovering near the rocking chair making it rock back and forth, the romantic view of dogs pooping outside… She pretended to mouth the words, while looking longingly out the window (at those pooping dogs) thinking about her love (she was 9.) I did my part, hit the “play” button, turned down the lights and she screwed it up because she didn’t know the words! I knew I should have been the lead! Dang!

To this day, I don’t know HOW my parents didn’t crack up. What little goobers we were, trying to perform a romantic dramatic interpretation of Bryan Adams. I give them major props for not laughing in our faces.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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One Response to I did it for you.

  1. jamie says:

    I do not remember this at all! However, I do remember sneaking into your room to borrow bryan adams and no doubt when you were not home 🙂

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