Many thanks.

I have decided, in honor of “the month to be thankful”, I am going to write for two weeks about things I am thankful for. Now, don’t start rolling your eyes (like I have done recently to others), I’m not going to get all mushy and sentimental. I am talking about REAL, tangible things I am thankful for. Like Rootbeer Vodka, windshield washing fluid with antifreeze in it, and Flash Drives.

Here is a list to start me off:

I am thankful for…

A husband who does the dishes. (Though sometimes threats are involved.) We hav ean “I cook, you clean” policy that was instituted after my best friend from high school told me about how well it worked for her. I’ve got a pretty awesome husband, but he’ll never know, because he doesn’t read my blog. So I get the last laugh. (You would be surpised how many images came up when I searched “man washing dishes” just now. It’s funny that we must document that.)


A happy toddler. We are extremely blessed (and that is not just a hollow statement) to have a baby who is always happy and laughing and usually easy to please.

Sure, he has his temper tantrum moments, but in general, he is very happy-go-lucky. This makes is easier to get things done around the house that a lot of mom’s don’t get to take advantage of, like eating and sleeping. People say he gets his sunny disposition from his Dad, but I like to think it comes from me. (“Yeah, right”, all my readers say in unison.)

Hot tea. I am especially thankful for hot tea in the winter, after lunch and with a goodbook. I recently bought a HUGE pack of dessert teas, but sadly, a lot of them taste alike. I love trying new kinds. ANYthing but Earl Grey. It’s just disgusting, right Larry?


A Dad who is a butcher. This means that we get really good deals on meat. He knows when things will be marked down, on sale, or when it is a great price. He has a freezer at home just dedicated to meat, as any butcher worth his salt should, and my sister and I shop from it. In the past 4 years, I can only remember buying meat twice that wasn’t straight from his freezer. Normal people don’t have a case of ground turkey or 35 pounds of hamburger meat, wrapped by the pound, in a deep freeze in their laundry room. But my Dad does, and we appreciate it. (On a side note, I wasn’t exactly Thankful my dad was a butcher when I had to take boyfriends up to meet him in his “meat locker”, with knives dangling from his belt.)

Tobaggans/hats/beanies/whatever. Cold, windy days require a big, fluffy “I could survive winter in Russia” hat. I have a green one with brown, furry trim my husband bought me several years ago. It is my favorite winter accessory. I am always sad to stow it away after February. (I’m not sure the assumed hottie to the right is really able to pull that off. Though I love his Zoolander Magnum look.)

On Friday I’ll list some more random things I am glad to have in my life. Like Cheese. Or napkins. Ooh! Or screwdrivers!

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5 Responses to Many thanks.

  1. Evgenia says:

    Talking about winters, I should tell you the most windy and snow winter in my life I spent in Syracuse, NY :))

  2. Evgenia says:

    Talking about winters, I should tell you the most windy and snowy winter in my life I spent in Syracuse, NY :))

  3. Jane says:

    I don’t know what rootbeer is. But I like vodka. And I too have been very thankful for it at times.

    • Wendy says:

      Root Beer is a soda, a dark color like Dr. Pepper. I can’t really describe the taste. It is made from the roots of a tree called Sassafras, or was originally. Now it is probably artificially flavored. The RB vodka in a coke makes it taste like Root Beet, not alcohol tasting at all. Stuff could get you in trouble!

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