How did Zombies shave before there were razors?

Let’s see… what else I am thankful for?

Books. Where else can you be transported to walk the gardens of Pemberly Estates with Darcy, or a haunted hotel in the off season with a crazy man with an ax, or into a world filled with hobbits and elves and one bad ass ring? Or, most recently, the wilds of Alaska, to a crashed government 747 with murdered passengers and a missing SOMETHING? Books let you escape from your life.  You can live vicariously through its characters. You can learn about distant lands or how nuclear fission works or where crickets live (a handy tidbit, eh, Jamie?) I would not be who I am without books. The classics, the textbooks, the fiction… I love it all.

Water. Think about it… You bathe with it, drink it, water the yard with it, cook with it, do laundry with it, flush it, make ice with it, pray for it, pay for it. We turn it on and don’t even think about where it came from. But when it goes off, we can’t do ANYTHING. All of those little things that water does for your life suddenly becomes apparent. You can’t give the dogs a drink, or clean your dirty fish tank, or clean that cat vomit off of the carpet. No more Southern Sweet Tea, no pasta, no clean undies. SO. I am thankful for water.

The Walking Dead. I just want to say: it is about DANG time someone made a zombie TV series! Where, oh where, have you been all my life? This is quite possibly my new favorite show. Move over The Office, zombies coming through, leaving Michael Scott bitten, ripped and bleeding! Zombie movies are great, but they end in two hours. This weekly ONE HOUR show completely fills my need for zombie attacks, earthly devastation, excessive gore, inherent fear and overall mayhem. Seriously, you should all be watching it. Sunday nights, AMC 9’o’clock. BE THERE!

NPR: Without listening to NPR on the way home from work every day, I would have no idea what was going on in the world outside of “me”. Thanks to this public radio station, I know who the President is, I’ve learned most people hate the new Healthcare Reform, I got MONTHS of coverage of the BP oil spill, and I am exposed to all sorts of music from all over the world (if I happen to leave work early enough to catch it), all blessedly commercial free. If I listened to it for more than 30 minutes a day, I might learn about something other than politics. Like about Mr. Baldwin’s Shweaty balls on Delicious Dish. Or was that SNL?

Razors, contacts (lenses in general), tweezers and hair straighteners. Seriously, what did they do back in the day before these wonderful commodities were invented? Did women shave their legs with knives? How many little knicks did they get each time? What if you were blind as a bat and Benjamin Franklin hadn’t come along yet with those handy glasses invention? Did they date ugly people and never know it? How did women get perfectly tweezed (or tweezed away and drawn on) eyebrows? Look like Brooke Shields? What did I do before I discovered my hair straightener? Oh yeah, have out of control hair (say it with me… PERM!) and take really horrible grade school pictures. Why did you let me leave the house looking like a poodle, Mom? No dignity in that. None at all. Shameful.

What are some things YOU are thankful for?


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