“It never loses suction. Ever.”

You have to say that line with a British accent for the full effect.

My number one thing I am thankful for today is my:

Dyson vacuum cleaner. With three dogs (1 inside), fourcats (3 inside), a toddler (loves being outside) and a husband (usually inside, occasionally sleeps in dog house), the floors

around here can get very dirty, very quickly. We track in dirt, leaves, and various nature elements. The dogs leave hair and chewed up food bits. The cats groom hair off of them and onto the couches. The toddler rips up paper into tiny shreds. The husband empties socks fulls of dirt and grass out. I gotta have a Dyson. Jordan hated our old vacuum. One day, in the heat of anger at another clog, he said when we got a new one, he was throwing this one off the roof. So when the Dyson arrived, I hauled the old one on top of the roof. It was waiting for him when he got home from work. And it was glorious. AND it really never loses suction.

Netflix. Where would I be without Netflix? I have unlimited movies at my fingertips. I can rent them, watch them online, or pop in a disc and having them streaming from my Wii in a matter of seconds. I have watched an untold amount of crappy independent films (Rachel’s Wedding), cheese kid movies that I am too embarrassed to tell anyone about (Enchanted), and one too many romantic comedies (insert any movie here). I save the “good” movies to rent and watch with the hubby. We just watched Robin Hood. I liked it. Course, good looking men running around with swords cause me to like lots of movies.

Paychecks. I am thankful for paychecks. Sometimes I may feel like my job is meaningless in the big realm of things (because it is) and that I went to school for five years to earn a Biology degree I will never use again (I worked in my field for about a year) but I am always grateful when Payday Thursday arrives. Though some days, I beg for Morpheus to give me the red pill to swallow, thereby allowing me to stay in Wonderland and find out who I really am, at the end of the day, I am happy to be working and making money to pay the bills. Even if my name isn’t Neo. And yes, the image above in the amount of my actual paycheck. 😦

Cheese. Yup, cheese. Swiss, Gouda, Cheddar (Extra Sharp), Goat, Havarti, Cream, Blue. I love cheese. I have only met two cheeses I don’t like: Blue Cheese (yes, I know ALL cheese is essentially mold, but this one weirds me out) and Brie. I love the idea of Brie, I just don’t particularly dig it. Every once in a while, Jordan and I will just have bread and cheese and wine for supper. If we are feeling extra fancy, we will throw in a little smoked salmon and homemade bruschetta.

Candles. Candles are great for warming a room,both literally and figuratively. It can set a romantic mood, make a room smell better, add a little color. And they come in quite handy when the lights go out (which I LOVE). Riley has learned to blow out candles and will being one to me to light, just so he can blow it out, over and over and over again.

Stay tuned for more Wednesday…

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5 Responses to “It never loses suction. Ever.”

  1. Judy says:

    You left out cheddar, feta, colby, American & Monterrey Jack!! You definitely inherited the love of cheese. If it’s food – it’s better with cheese! If it’s dessert – It’s better with chocolate!

  2. Slamdunk says:

    Cheese is something we are plenty thankful here as well–the kiddos need the fridge well stocked with it.

  3. Wendy says:

    No kidding. We usually have several different kinds. Not only flavors, but sliced, cubes, whole.

  4. Tracie says:


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