My last fives thanks.

Sorry I have been absent of late. Since I left you last, we had a nice family Thanksgiving, in which my Dad gave all of us a cold virus, so as of late, my little family of three have all been nursing our sore throats and sinuses. My husband got a nasty spider bite, which gives me the shivers that he woke up with it… meaning it had to be in OUR BED. Gross. I did some Black Friday shopping and only got in one fight, at Bath and Body Works. Jordan is more than happy he didn’t have to bail me out of jail. This weekend, we are going to pick out a Christmas tree at the local farm and have some family pictures taken. So there’s your update.

I started another blog about things I am thankful for, but honestly, I am too sickly to really care about elaborating. So here are my last five things I am thankful for:

Pizza. All kinds. No further explanation needed. I am making Artichoke Pizza later this week.

Clearance racks. I never buy anything full price. Ever. I can’t pay more than $10 for anything.

Paris. I have been twice, once in High School and then again for my honeymoon (remember the Nutella?). I am so in love with the city. It’s gorgeous. Full of history mixed with the perfect blend of modern. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the museums, the food, the lights. I would live there if I could. Paris gives me something to dream about.

Earth Stoves. So much better than fireplaces. They heat the whole house. We often strip down to our undies in January because Jordan is too good at making fires. He is actually putting another log on as I type this.

And my one cheesy thanks:

My family. I have a crazy Grandmother, a mother who really does know everything (well, almost), an extremely hardworking Dad, a lovely sister, the most AMAZING (well, most of the time) husband, and the single most gorgeous, brilliant, happiest toddler in the universe. My family rocks.

I am about to start this “12 days of fitness” nonsense at work, so I will be blogging about that for the next couple weeks. I have no idea what I am in store for, but it is only five dollars, the program comes via email, I get free access to the gym and classes (but will I use it?) and I will have a chance to win an Ipod, a massage or some other stuff. I’ll keep you posted.

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