The 12 Days of Fitness Begin

Well, I did it. I signed up for the 12 Days of Fitness yesterday. The young girl that helpedme at the gym (where I signed up/get to work out for two weeks) was so friendly, nice and helpful. She didn’t laugh at me when I asked if there were showers available, she showed me the schedule of classes provided, and offered to help me figure out how to work the fitness equipment (which will save me from sure disaster in the future).

There is a one mile walk Monday night that kicks everything off. Provided I can cart along Riley in a stroller, I am going to go. In my packet, sent to me via email (aren’t we so modern and efficient!) I am given a chart to log my progress in the program as well as the 12 key components they want me partake in. Each sheet gives a brief explanation of the ideas and goals of each target, and lists some suggested activities, then it gives a little clip art holiday animal doing that activity. This very much appeals to my highly organized side. I like charts, logs, notes, and lists. Jordan says I make lists of the lists I need to make. (Not true).

These are the categories: Exercise, Nutrition, Family, Safety, Career (that ought to be interesting), Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Self-car, Financial, Cultural, and Conservation.

So wish me luck. The program starts Monday. I’m actually pretty excited about it (it must be all those lists!) I might even make it to one of those 5:30 a.m. yoga classes. My yoga mat has just been gathering dust in the corner… for the past four years.

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4 Responses to The 12 Days of Fitness Begin

  1. Lisa says:

    Lexi gives me such a hard time about making lists. But when it comes to getting things done or getting packed for a trip I find I’m much more effective at getting everything checked off the list than he is. Serves him right! 🙂

    • Wendy says:

      I absolutely CANNOT pack for a trip, even just a day, without a list. Esp with Riley. You certainly don’t want to forget diapers. We went to see my sis a couple weekends ago and i forgot to pack my own underwear. Lists are VERY necessary.

  2. Nayeli says:

    Hurray! I think you will enjoy this “you” time outside of your busy schedule. Yoga at 5 a.m. is certainly something else…but I found when I practiced yoga before I started my day I felt more composed and at ease with the world. I’m sure your mat will appreciate being remembered 🙂

  3. Wendy says:

    im not feeling motivated. we had a long weekend. i might try for the class later in the week. i used to do it every am and pm. and it really did make my day smoother, and i was in a better mood. maybe one day i wont be so tired…

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