What is the peanut?

Nutrition. Dun, dun, dunnnnn.

This brings back memories of Weight Watchers. The skimpy meals, the constant hunger pains, the healthy eating healthy habits and all those green vegetables!! Noooo!

Actually, WW wasn’t too bad, once you got your stomach used to eating less. I still can see the effects of it. I am well below my pre-pregnancy weight, (a little fact my sister finds unbearable, since she has always thought of herself as the “skinnier sister” though we never differ by more than a handful of pounds,) I am not starving all day long, and all my pants are loose. AND, sometimes I even stop eating when I am full instead of finishing it all because it’s there. I know. Impressive, considering how much I love to eat.

So when I picked Nutrition to do today, I thought it would be easy. One suggestion is to eat at least one fruit and veggie at every meal. Well, I failed at breakfast. I am not eating veggies for breakfast. Green beans, anyone? I grabbed a granola bar on the way out, only to have Riley steal it from me before I took more than a couple bites (which he then threw at the door when I left for work). I grabbed a few yogurt covered raisins someone brought to work and counted that as my breakfast fruit. Though, I am not sure they would count as “nutritious” since the first ingredient on the back is sugar. Not raisins, but sugar, is what makes of the majority of those little morsels. Oh, well, I sort of tried.

For lunch, I had leftovers, which did involve green beans, and potatoes. No fruit though. Maybe my Raspberry Crème Tea will count. I ate an entire pack of “Share size” Peanut M&M’s about 1:30pm (we had a staff meeting today I had to stay awake for, since I have to take meeting minutes) which spurned the conversation I had with Jenna… what are peanuts anyway?

Yes, a nut. But put it in an actual food group for me. Fruit? Veggie? Meat? Oil? So I Wikipedia-ed it, cause we all know everything you read on the internet (especially Wikipedia) is true. It is in the meat group. I think I’ll whip up a nice peanut loaf or spaghetti with peanut balls for supper tomorrow… see what the hubby thinks about that. After all, it’s a meat!
So my attempt to use them as an afternoon vegetable failed.

But I did drink my 6-8 glasses of water today. As long as tea and milk count.

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