It’s REALLY dark at 5:30 in the morning.

Deciding I should focus on Exercise, last night, I packed my work clothes in a bag, set workout pants on my dresser, made sure my hair straightener was packed, and set my alarm for 5am. In preparation for such an early waking hour, I skipped my usual 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by a popsicle, and went to bed at 9:45.

I cussed when my alarm went off. I briefly thought about staying in bed another hour and a half, but decided my ambitious afternoon self would be mad at my lazy morning self if I didn’t get up. My afternoon self won out, mainly because she can be a B if she doesn’t get her way and morning self is pretty whiney and pathetic.

I got out of bed at 5:00 and was out of the driveway by 5:06, driving in my glasses (I didn’t think I could pry my eyes open enough to shove contacts in there before 6:30am), in the dark; a lone car on the road.

My plan was to park at work, then walk a couple buildings over for the class, but I couldn’t find a close spot. I ending up going to the parking garage next to the building in question. I read that the class wasn’t in the gym (which I sort of know the location of) but in the basement. So I step out of the garage and am immediately faced with an elevator. Awesome. I get in, hit “B” and the doors close… and open into the bottom level of the garage. Looking back, I guess it was kind of silly of me to think it would take me into the building. So I walk back up the stairs, wave to my car (who was wondering what the hell I was wandering around when class starts in less than five minutes) and go into the building. I find more elevators and hit “B” again, crossing my fingers this time.

Doors open into a small corridor with only two doors: one to the stairs and one that says “Authorized Personnel Only.” Now I am really confused. I go back to the main floor to ask direction. Problem is, I am the only insane person up at this hour. (I KNEW I should have yelled at the little lady and her yoga mat to wait on me to show me the way whom I saw while parking! But dang, she was fast!)

I think back over what I had read…”Classes noted in teal are held in the [Health-something-or-other] classroom in the basement of the Rehabilitation Center. I look up. And across the foyer and sidewalk stands the Rehabilitation Center. I am in the wrong building.

I dart over to the right building, look for my third set of elevators and once again, hit that big, bold mocking “B”. The doors open into a white corridor that is dead silent. I really, really don’t want to be late. I basically run down the hallway, looking for anything that looks like a classroom. All of the doors are closed. There is no one around. But wait! What was that? A voice?!

Following the disembodied voice down the hallway, I find two doors marked “Health-something-or-other”. One of them is propped open with a yoga block. YES!  I found it! I collect my panicked self, I sign in, take a look around at all the little ladies stretching on their mats, and go set up in the back along the far wall. An old couple comes in after me. I am glad I wasn’t the last one in! (The old guy could even hold some of the poses longer than I can!)

In college I took yoga for a semester and loved it. I used to practice fairly regular in high school and college and after, but have slacked off lately. I learned how to be comfortable lying flat on my back on a concrete floor with only a thin yoga mat for padding. This came in very handy when I had to work the late shift in the photography lab. I was often found napping behind the desk on the floor.

We all spread out on our eco-friendly mats, I cram my contacts in my eyes during the first pose, and we begin.

Five minutes in, I start relaxing, breathing, stretching, and my cranky morning self forgives my motivated afternoon self, even agrees with her, and we are all glad I got up.


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4 Responses to It’s REALLY dark at 5:30 in the morning.

  1. Nayeli says:

    Hahaha…you should see the hospital were I am working at now…it is HUGE!!!! I’ve been there 3 weeks and still get lost! (And according to some people…there are places that you don’t want to get lost in…meep!) I don’t like being late to yoga classes either…it’s too quiet to just “sneak” in. Glad you got a good experience out of it :). When I was going in the mornings I would also shove my contacts in my eyes once I got there heehee.

  2. tommie says:

    At least you can hld the poses. They blocked me up to hold the poses.

  3. Wendy says:

    I use my fair share of blocks!

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