Bethlehem and good hair.

On Saturday, I inadvertently did the Social element to my program.

The family and I went to a walk through Bethlehem (which rocked! and was done by a local church) and ran into some friends of ours. So we toured the ancient city with them and then we all went out to eat together at a modern restaurant. We had good (overpriced) food, great conversation (which included an episode of 30 Rock and why our kids act the way they do), and a renewed social life, adult interaction included.

When I got home, I decided that with a few tweaks, I could turn my ordinary Saturday night into my Social. So I started our Christmas cards, which we are finishing tonight, counted our dinner out with friends as “taking the family out for dinner”, and “donate time (well, money and toys) to a charity, which I delivered this morning. Things I did NOT choose to do: “Visit a long-term care facility” (I just can’t. It weirds me out. And I know that is wrong, but I can’t help it.) “Join a recreational league.” Huh? “Plan a vacation with a lot of family togetherness built in.” Sure. With what money will I be taking my imaginary vacation?

Today I quickly ran through the Emotional sheet. I looked up at Jordan and said “I love you!” He said, “What was that for?” And I said, “It’s on the list of things for me to do today.” And he said “I knew it had to be something…” Well, that’s sweet, isn’t it?

“Watch a favorite holiday movie”… we were planning to, but it is already 9 and I gotta get up at 5 am to go to yoga… But we watched Elf last night and we will watch another tomorrow.

“Write 10 positive things about yourself.” I thought this one would be easy. It took me almost ten minutes. I wrote “good hair – some days”. Then I decided “good mom”. I later added “creative” though I stole that attribute from my boss today. I made little ornament labels out of paper for the cookies we baked last night to bring to work.  He said I was creative. And since I WRITE A BLOG, scrapbook and take pictures, I figure I got that one in the bag.

I got stuck after about 4 positing things and I asked Jordan for help.

He said “Well, you’ve got an ass that won’t quit.”

I thought about it but I opted not to include that one in the paperwork I turn in. .

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2 Responses to Bethlehem and good hair.

  1. Judy says:

    10 things – easy! very smart to the point of genius, beautiful, I like your creative, commpassionate, funny, definitely good hair, always look good no matter what you are wearing so fashionable, articulate, thoughtful, good-hearted, great mom, would have to ask Jordan but good wife, hard worker, organized, & I could go on but I sense your head is already swelling. Love, MOM

  2. Wendy says:

    I did get a little bit of a big head. “Articulate” was my favorite. But alas, ever since I posted this, no good hair days. I’m cursed.

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