Fire escape plan.

Safety… suggested activites are cleaning stairwayes, buying fire extinguishers, reviewing escape routes…

So I made a list of what we would grab if there was a fire and we had to get out quick.

1. People (this one should be obvious.)

2. Pets (starting with dogs, then cats, then the turtle from the fish tank. I figures the fish are on their own. It takes me 15 minutes to get them out of the tank with a net, a huge cup and a husband when I want to clean it. I don’t think I can get them out in a pinch. It’s their own fault they must die, really. I tried. Plus, they are in water in the first place, so that counts for something, right?

3. Riley’s scrapbooks and photo albums. I’ve worked really hard on them, and though we have all the pictures of him on disks and flash drives, I’d still want to save my memories.

4. Electronics. I was thinking the laptop should be the first thing we grabbed in this section, but after fighting with it trying to burn a CD for half an hour (and I never did succeed), I am thinking maybe we should let the fire take it and start over.

This is where things get frivilous:

6. Our feather pillow and mattress cover. We call them “our clouds”. We can’t sleep without them. We got them with our Christmas money two years ago and have been sleeping soundly ever since.

7. As many of my books I could carry. I have some good ones: some really old classics, a nice LOTR set, weird ones, art books, novels, textbooks… they fill a whole room.

8. My hair straightener. Yeah, I could buy a new one, but those things are expensive. Mine goes with me anywhere I am staying overnight.

9. My giant soup/coffee mug. I can never find one big enough to hold a whole can of soup. My loving husband got me an awesome mug that will, with room to spare. I love it.

10. Gosh, doesn’t every good list end with a #10? Well, mine doesn’t.


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2 Responses to Fire escape plan.

  1. Jane says:

    I don’t have much of a fire plan. Just to Stop, Drop and Roll, and someone grab my bloody laptop on your way past.
    But we do live in a flood zone and every time it rains they tell us on the radio that we should have an emergency kit packed ready to run with in the middle of the night with medications, important documents and other things we will need. (Rivers never flood in the day time, it’s always the middle of the night). So my bag contains Pink Teddy who I’ve had since I was born, my favourite doll Lulu from when I was five and the best ever book, Teddy Edward goes to the Seaside. But like you say, I want to keep it all!!!

  2. Evgenia says:

    money/credit cards or documents would make a very good #10 🙂

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