Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.

Am I the only one that knows that song? We learned it in elementary school and sang it religiously every year. We passed a hat around and if you were holding it when the music stopped, you were out. Kind of like musical chairs. Kind of.

I turned in my 12 Days of Fitness stuff today. I did most of it in the alloted time frame. Others I fudged a little. For “Cultural” most of the suggestion dealt with learning about other culture holiday traditions. I made a trivia game for an ornament exchange at work (which I am pretty sure everyone hated – Who doesn’t know that the aluminum Christmas tree was made in the US or that reindeer are smaller than caribou?) and counted that. I learned the all of the churches in Zurich rings their bells at the same time on Christmas, that Poinsettias are from Mexico and that Germany invented the candy cane. So I think that counts.

For my Intellectual one, some suggestions were to enroll in a foreign language class or write a story, blah, blah, blah. I pretended I wrote a blog that day and counted that, plus I watched not quite a foreign film (one in English, but it WAS set in Germany) and decided that was pretty intellectual of me.

My free gym pass has since expired, and while I did NOT miss getting up at 5 am, I did miss my morning yoga classes this week. I also missed the little old lady from class that introduced herself and asked my name every single time I went. ┬áThe last time, I just told her not to worry about trying to remember it, since it was my last class. I’ll miss you, Ruth Anne!┬áBut I will not miss the woman who thought she was a yoga guru, doing headstands without being instructed to and exaggerating her breathing so loud the next class over could hear it. No one cares if you are as limber as Gumby.

I am taking a little break for the holiday season. I will be writing some, but just not doing a two-week trial. But it I was, I guess my trial would be “surviving my family gathering” but if I am forced to recount my daily interactions with my motley crue, I really might not make it out alive. It is best to just block it out and try to forget.

When I come back, I plan on exercising off all of the cupcakes and candies and pies and dips and casseroles and Fudge Somethingorother Cheesecakes that I consume over the next week or so.

But not tonight. Tonight a book and a warm bed are calling my name… right after I grab a couple of those cookies from the frig.

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