Early morning zen.

Yesterday morning, yoga instructors and students got up early all over the world to practice their passion and to add a little relaxation to their morning routine. Devout monks were up before the sun sitting quietly and meditating. Personal trainers were getting in their own personal training in the wee hours before the day began. But did this lazy, exercise-inept mother/wife/worker/daughter/sister manage to NOT hit snooze at 5:45am and drag her sorry butt out of bed to partake in the early morning hours workouts?

She did! Pop a champagne bottle open for me. And Karma was good to me all the live-long day.

I put in my A.M. yoga with Mr. Rodney Yee, rolled out my blue matt, checked on that DVD I’ve been trying to burn, and settled down for … a really boring, disappointing yoga session. I guess I got use to the hour long high-activity, fast paced sessions in my free class in December. I hadn’t down A.M. Yoga in quite a while so I didn’t remember that it was mostly passive stretching and a lot of “feeling your breath”. While I used to love this practice for beginners, I think I have moved past it. Tomorrow I will use my Wii Fitness Coach to lead my yoga session. She always kicks my butt. (Notice two “butts” so far, instead of “asses”… New Years Resolution to clean up my sometimes sailor mouth. I generally only cuss when driving… What can I say? Idiots on the road just bring out the worst in me.)

I also boxed and played baseball in my living room via my Wii Sports disc. 45 minutes later, I had kicked countless Mii’s butts (there it is again) and been knocked out several times myself to only come back victorious in the wins. I hit 5 homes runs and won a baseball game 9-0. My arms were about to fall off and I had worked up a nice little glisten (woman don’t sweat – that’s too gross for us) in my 65 degree house. A shower and a popsicle later, I felt good about myself, having “exercised” on not one, but two (!) separate occasions that day.

Tomorrow is Friday, so I can justify staying up late tonight to read a magazine, getting up early tomorrow to exercise, and losing a little sleep in the process because I get to sleep late on Saturday. God bless my boy who loves to sleep!! And if I fall asleep at my desk tomorrow, jerking awake when the door opens, only to find I have been typing one letterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr continuously for the last ten minutes… it will all be worth it.


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