The journey thus far.

Though I have undeniably hit snooze more than the last couple of morning when my “yoga” alarm went off, I am definitely doing better than last year.

I have been exercising almost every day for two weeks. I took one day off because I had an afternoon-long headache and because it was a Snow Day! I yoga, I Wii box, I (pretend to) run on my treadmill. And thanks to a gift of new running shoes, in mid-shipment now, I will be off and (pretending to) jog Wednesday afternoon. The gifter of the shoes bought them in hopes I will become a runner, so I may have to pick that up, just so I won’t let my shoes go to waste and I don’t disappoint.

So all in all, exercise is going pretty well.

More New Year’s Resolutions…

I want to make the perfect biscuit and gravy breakfast from scratch. I made some the other day that were the complete opposite of the fluffy ones in the picture. They looked like snickerdoodles: flat, brown, hard and crunchy. I want to learn to make pancakes that actually taste good and not burn them on one side. I want to learn to make Crème Brulee in those cute little cups I made my Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes in.

I want to learn to sew. I want to make something useful. Maybe a shirt for Riley or myself. Plus, my grandmother, aka, my clothes mender, isn’t going to be around forever. I will eventually be the one that has to sew Jordan’s pockets back on his shirt after Riley gets his foot caught in them and rips them off. Then I can even sew up the crotches of Jordan’s boxers instead of throwing them away because he won’t let me take those to my grandmother to sew up. I want to learn to make curtains and pillows and maybe even a bedspread because one day, we will have a real house and I will want to do those things to save money.

I want to get caught up on my magazines. I have a HUGE stack, even bigger than when I did my twoweektrial of magazines. They are leaning tower stacked on a side table (and underneath the table, and on the coffee table) and often take a tumble to the floor.

I want to build a cabinet in my living room. Well, honestly, I want my loving Daddy to build be a cabinet in the living room. We have this weird open space with cabinet on top and bottom, just a space in the middle. I want to close it in so I can put doors on my junk. But IF I could do it on my own, that would be pretty amazing. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people that can just figure out how to do that.

So for now, I am just going to stick with trying to get up in the morning to do my yoga. We’ll tackle biscuits and carpentry later.


Speaking of junk, I want to have less stuff.

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One Response to The journey thus far.

  1. Judy says:

    I can so teach you to make biscuits & gravy!! Ialso have a solution to the magazine pile – do what I did – I quit let my subscriptions lapse. Cabinet is Daddy’s job!

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