Baker Me.

For the next two weeks, I will be a baker. I got myself a cookbook for Christmas called Paris Sweets after reading about it in a magazine. The author lives part time in Paris and part time in New York… fairly close to my ideal living situation. She convinced the owners of the best pâtisseries, boulangers, and chocolatiers to give up their prized recipes, some being written down for the first time ever.  She writes a little story about the shop owner, gives the location, and a few of their recipes. Being in love with Paris myself, this may be the closest I can get for awhile.

I remember walking the streets on my honeymoon, gazing at the gorgeous creations carefully placed in the store windows, and even buying a few now and then. Candies, pastries, crepes, breads… Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, being the “City of Lights”, and for the food. They know how to make desserts! We got a crepe every day, discovered Nutella and fell in love with their creations. I still remember the last one I ate – a little slice of chocolate pie for about .90 cents.

I said earlier I wanted to make the perfect biscuit from scratch. Well, I’m not there yet, but yesterday was the closest I have come yet. Jordan refused to like them because they were made with wheat flour. I guess trying to be healthy is kind of pointless if you are dumping in shortening and butter…

Tonight I made Punitions, or Punishments. They hail from the Poilâne bakery and are called Punishments because Grandmothers would tease their grandchildren to come receive their punishment, while hiding a cookie behind their backs. They are crisp, buttery, and nicely textured; good with a cup or tea or glass of milk.

Mine came out pretty good. I made some banana ones, to try and give Riley some fruit with his cookie. I cut them into little star shapes. I realized that I don’t really have any cookie cutters, just a few that are Christmas themed my mom put in my stocking a couple years ago. It was either snowmen or stars… so I went with stars.

I plan on making every recipe in the book (maybe not in two weeks), gaining at least five pounds in the process (good thing I am still exercising!) and becoming more like those shop owners and their intricate baked goods.

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  1. Evgenia says:

    Looks tasty! 🙂

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