I heart tarts.

Today I decided to make a Lemon Tart from my Paris Sweets book. I started out by cheating, first thing. I was supposed to make the crust from scratch. I read the instructions for “Sweet Tart Crust” and it made 3. I didn’t want that many so I just thought I’d half it. Then I read further where the author advised against it, saying the more you make the better it is. And who couldn’t use 3 tart crusts anyway? Well, us normal people that don’t get to live in Paris eating half the year, that’s who.

So I cheated and pulled my frozen deep dish pie crust out of the freezer. It was supposed to be partially baked, so I stuck it in the oven. In a few minutes, while Jordan struggled with the blender, trying to get a lemon and some sugar to mix (it involved a lot of banging, scraping and cursing), I smelled wax paper. I immediately knew I forgot to peel the wax paper off the bottom. I pulled it out of the oven, smooshing one side with my oven mitt, and set it on the counter. Before I could try and figure out why the wax paper was inside the pie crust, Jordan said, you know there are two pie crusts in there, right?

Well now I do.

I peeled the top pie shell out of the bottom pie shell and popped it back in the oven. So already, I am off to a good start. Meanwhile, Jordan got the lemon to mix with the sugar (you use a whole lemon, minus seeds) and then I added the eggs, cornstarch and a whole stick of butter. I debate pouring it into the crust, because my cheater-crust is deep dish, but Jordan convinces me to just go for it, instead of going to town for more eggs and making the recipe for the 3 actual tart crusts. It fills it up 2/3 of the way.

The crust starts to burn in the oven almost immediately (I HATE my oven) so I cover it with foil. Towards the end, the top gets light brown, but it is still really runny, so I leave it longer and cover it up, waiting for the middle to set. It never does. I gets really dark, Jordan convinces me it will harden when it cools (the recipe left my in the lurch and didn’t give me any clue as to what is supposed to happen) and I take it out. It hardened some, but not enough. so we had not-real-tart-crust and soupy lemon filling.

BUT… it was delicious. Very tart, sweet, tangy… perfect taste, way LESS then perfect appearance. We both ate two plates full and fought over who got to like the knife and spoon we used to scoop it out of the bowl.

I don’t know why it didn’t harden. Maybe it’s my crappy burn-one-side oven or the deep dish pie shell, but it was goooood. Tomorrow, I may buy another carton of eggs and make those three crusts. After all that tart, I need something chocolate.

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